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Firesong & Sunspeaker - Boros Group Burn

Commander / EDH Burn RW (Boros)



Ramp and generate tons of mana and cast spells that deals X damage to everyone and everything and gain an absurd amount of life then use that life to fuel x damage spells or win with Aetherflux Reservoir .

Brief History:

Was mulling over a boros EDH hybrid punisher/ group burn with Gisela, Blade of Goldnight by the helm but it was put on the back burner as I concentrate on building another boros EDH deck - soldier tribal with Tajic, Blade of the Legion as the commander. With the reveal of Firesong and Sunspeaker in Dominaria I then decided to use that deck's shell to create this.

Dependency on the Commander:

The deck can run even without the general in play and not 100% reliant on it's commander. FS&SS is a kill on sight threat that requires an answer ASAP from our opponents; the commander will most likely be in play for only a turn or two. And with a high CMC plus commander's tax re-casting from the Command Zone can be expensive after a few times.

This deck contains primarily red spells that deals damages in multiples targets that are good without FS&SS and are much better when FS&SS is in play.

Early Game:

In the early game focus on ramping and sculpting our hand with various loot spells/effects; don't worry as there are ways to re-use spells in the graveyard by using Backdraft Hellkite, flashback spell individually or en masse with Past in Flames. Soul of New Phyrexia can be use even in the graveyard when discarded early in the game.

Double the Damage:

Gisela, Blade of Goldnight the de facto second commander in the deck whenever FS&S is out of commissioned. There is also Fire Servant to double the damage output of our red spells. With the release of ELD Torbran, Thane of Red Fell incremental damage is a massive boost.


With damage spells and effects abound we need to protect our key creatures including our commander and also our self. Both boots are included as well as Darksteel Plate. Shielded by Faith can be transferred to another of our creature or our commander enters the battlefield.

Purity is one of the hidden tech of this deck as well Intervention Pact. Both converts damage dealt to us to life.

Selfless Squire serves as both protection and a big beater.

More Mana, more damage:

The deck can generate tons of mana by any of the following:

Mana Geyser in and of itself can generate lots of mana buy re-casting immediately again by either Past in Flames or Reverberate.

X damages spells or any spells that deals damage incrementally like Acidic Soil or Price of Progress plus Neheb, the Eternal generates large amount of red mana to fuel an arbitrarily large X spell.

The extra life gained by Purity or from FS&SS casting red spells can be turn to mana via Treasonous Ogre or via Sanctum of the Sun.

There is also a reasonable Sunforger package in the deck.

Like any EDH deck this is a work in progress. Constructive criticisms and suggestions will be highly appreciated.


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