Johnny fun with filibuster counters.

Turn 1 is a wash.
Turn 2 Fog Bank.
Turn 3 goes either aggro with Invisible Stalker or control with 1 of the 3 drop removal enchantments. The aggressive approach worked better in games 2 and 3 after some enchantment hate has been come in from the sideboard.
Turn 4 is fun if you have 2 Ethereal Armor in hand, swinging for an unblockable 5 that can't be targeted. Another 3 cmc removal enchantment is also nice here.
Turn 5 is hopefully a Sphere of Safety.
From there, continue to swing unblocked for 7 damage and keep up the enchanted removals to boost that Invisible Stalker. If Azor's Elocutors make an appearance with the Palisade Giant on board, let the count down begin!


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So I actually ran this at FNM and it performed better than expected! I went 2 - 2 winning the first game of every round. Nobody packs much enchantment hate in main deck and few run that much in sideboards. People got a kick out of it too, it was the most talked about deck of the night. Invisible Stalker with 2 Ethereal Armor is crazy good on turn 4.


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