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Fighting Like A Dirty Ragamuffin

Modern Combo Mono-Green



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Mainly focused on Predator Ooze manipulation with fight mechanics and Nightshade Peddler , but works smoothly without him

Deadly Recluse Deathtouch, reach, yay

Ambush Viper No one i have come up against expected him...guess he needs a little dusting off :)

Predator Ooze devastating on its own..even worse with deathtouch...and trample...and fight mechanic every turn....and a field full of deathtouch guys nullifying aggression

Deadbridge Goliath Great defense, great offense (especially with rancor) and arguably most efficient scavenge for predator or deathtouch buffing

Strangleroot Geist Useful swinger, great for fight mechanic, just great

Prey Upon and Ulvenwald Tracker Fight Mechanic

Vorapede Wonderful 5 drop who hasn't seen alot of play recently due to Thragtusk, i love the undying and trample on him, vigilance isn't too shabby either

Rancor because rancor....what else needs said?

Comments and suggestions greatly appreciated

OH and for ultimate hilarity run 2's with a white human deck with Thalia, Guardian of Thraben out


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