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Fight like an Animal (Nikya of the Old Ways EDH)

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The cages are open, the hunt has begun, and you're the next prey...

Welcome to my Gruul Creatures Unleashed Deck!!

Inspired by deck:http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/matthews-ruric-thar-game-knights-35/, this deck is all about ramping into big creatures that either A) Protect each other or B) Ramp into more creatures.

A common question with creature decks is "Going wide or going tall?". For those who may not know, "going wide" means creating/casting a lot of creatures/tokes, but they're usually smaller. Whereas "going tall" means casting only a couple of creatures, but they're huge, monstrous and...well...tall.

But my answer, as the great Tony Stark said..."Is it too much to ask for both?"


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