Emrakul (and your opponents) won't know what hit them!

It is time to come out of hibernation and cash in on your cache of acorns. Take advantage of Toski 's abilities to generate crazy amounts of card advantage early on with evasive creatures such as Scryb Sprites and Moss Viper . Then flood the board, pump them up with the likes of Eldrazi Monument or Triumph of the Hordes , and take everyone else out in one fell swoop! Due to high payoffs we get for having creatures and attacking with them, much of our ramp and removal are primarily in creature form since they will double as card draw engines. This is value so good, you would think you were playing a Simic deck!

Now, if you are feeling particularly spicy, attach Worldslayer to Toski, and swing away; since Toski is indestructible, Worldslayer will destroy everything else (including everyone's lands) and leave Toski and its trusty sword to keep everyone at bay and keep swinging away to hack your way to victory! Never underestimate a squirrel with a sword.

Who wants to win alone though? Combine Earthcraft and Squirrel Nest to generate an infinite amount of furry friends to fight along side with. Keep the squirrels coming with Deep Forest Hermit , Chatter of the Squirrel , and the like as well.

Finally, board wipes - generally the bane of creature based aggro decks - don't hurt us nearly as much due to the incredible card draw power of Toski 's ability as well as its near immunity to them through being indestructible. The trick is to not overextend yourself and hold onto some creatures in your hand in case of a board wipe. Then you will always have more gas to keep swinging.


  • Earthcraft + Squirrel Nest = Infinite tapped squirrels
  • Worldslayer + Toski, Bearer of Secrets = All permanents are destroyed except for Toski
  • Bow of Nylea / Ohran Frostfang + Fynn, the Fangbearer = All creatures now deal poison counters
  • Druid's Call + Nemesis Mask = An impressive amount of squirrels each turn when attached to Toski . All your other creatures are guaranteed to get through as well.

    Questions, comments, suggestions, and (preferably) snide remarks welcome!

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