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Fiblthip drawing the death

Commander / EDH Mono-Blue


This is my Fblthip draw and voltron deck. What the deck wants to do is draw enough cards to be able to play stuff on each of my main phases and to deal enough damage to my opponents with Fblthip. I don't want it to be control or stax but to make sure everyone is treated fairly. There is mainly two ways I have to win with the deck and its commander damage and using Proteus Staff to target Fblthip and rearrange my library to draw it out with High Tide Future Sight Helm of Awakining Sensei's Divining Top and to play Jace, Weilder Of Mystery


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55% Casual

45% Competitive

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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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Avg. CMC 2.78
Tokens 4/4 C Token Legendary Creature Avatar, Ape 3/3 G, Bird 2/2 U, Dog Illusion */* U, Emblem Jace, Vryn's Prodigy, Emblem Mordenkainen, Frog Lizard 3/3 G, Kraken 8/8 U, Manifest 2/2 C, Phyrexian Germ 0/0 B, Wolf 2/2 G
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