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Feldon of the Third Path is a great card for multiple reasons. First of all, he smashed people with giant red and artifact creatures before it was cool (I'm looking at you Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded ). Well, at least Feldon can reanimate eldrazi, too. Another great thing about him is the quality of his backstory and how the card reflects that.

Feldon and Loran lived in the days of Urza and Mishra. They lived happily married. After the Brothers' War, the land turned cold. The harsh weather eventually combined with other factors in taking Loran's life.

Feldon could not accept her death. He could vividly remember her smile and her demeanor. He tried to recreate her with an automaton. He tried green magic, blue magic, black, and white. Throughout all of his endeavors, something was never right. It was never her, no matter what or how hard he tried. But throughout all of this grieving process, he was finally able to say goodbye to his beloved.

The card Feldon of the Third Path creatively depicts a grieving soul. He's shown gazing on that simple, knowing smile his wife had that he has recreated. He tries his best, but is always dissatisfied with the product, dismantling it and starting anew. Each turn, the tokens he makes are sacrificed. Underneath it all is the simple desire, "she will come back to me." Feldon needs some love!

For you Vorthos players out there that want to read his whole story, here it is: Loran's Smile

Here's the battleplan:

  1. Get creatures in your graveyard.

  2. Reuse powerful creatures in your graveyard via Feldon of the Third Path

Before going into any worthwhile discussion about how to use the deck, let's start with its strengths and weaknesses.

So how can you know if you want to play this kind of deck? Simply put, you like the strengths more than you dislike the weaknesses. If you like an explosive, commander-dependent, reactive play style, then this will work well for you! If you dislike being crippled by enchantments that you usually can't remove, play something else. Although those enchantments aren't very common in my meta.

This deck has 3 major weaknesses. 1. Graveyard hate. 2. ETB hate or creatures enter tapped. 3. Commander removal. Chaos Warp can deal with most of them.

  1. Graveyard hate. To deal with this, it's rather simple. Don't play into it. Effects like Bojuka Bog can hurt, but aren't devastating unless you've already pitched your hand full of nasty creatures into your graveyard already. Be conservative. Effects like Scavenging Ooze are really nasty to go against. They can respond to any reanimation attempt by exiling the target. It's similar to a Rest in Peace in effect. The only way against it is to play from your hand.

  2. ETB hate or creatures entering tapped. I am referring to Torpor Orb and Authority of the Consuls effects. They don't shut your deck down, but they do make things more difficult. If you can't figure out some way to get rid of the effect, than you only have 1 choice. Kill the player. Creatures with attack triggers, like Utvara Hellkite , or just plain big creatures, like Ancient Stone Idol , are great for killing people. But what do you do if those creatures enter tapped and can't attack? Simple question, simple answer. Reanimate your creatures during the end step prior to your turn. They won't be sacrificed until the beginning of the next end step, which is yours. You'll untap with an army read to attack.

  3. Commander hate. You can give your commander either hexproof or haste. There's not much else you can do.

  4. I didn't mention this, but being mono-red is a restriction. Our enchantment removal is almost nonexistent. That does cause problems at times.

Enough with the weaknesses. Let's talk about strengths!

Feldon is certainly more of a rattlesnake commander than most. He's not well known, so he flies under the radar. But he can be explosive when he wants to be. He can play politics when he wants to. Attacking is easy, fun, and occurs often. After all, you don't care if the creatures die. Feldon is a good balance of being reactive and aggressive.

  1. Strength #1 (and a great reason to play this deck): you attack people with 3 Utvara Hellkite 's out of nowhere and swing the game in your favor. Seriously, that happens. If you set it up right, you can even attack with more than that. Because Feldon doesn't actually reanimate, but copies cards in your graveyard, this allows him to make multiple copies of the same creature, circumventing the 1-of rule commander is known for. Many cards should not exist in multiple, such as eldrazi, but they do here.

  2. Strength #2: control in red! Not literally. Feldon is a toolbox deck. He can be made to play reactively. His ability is instant speed, and you can be aggressive at the same time. You can bide your time to look for something worth reacting to, and if nothing comes up, you can reanimate a fatty during the end step before your turn and attack with it on your turn. If you wait like this, you'll still have Feldon untapped to respond for another round of turns. There's lots of ways to respond and interact. You can go with spot removal with Bogardan Hellkite or Meteor Golem (this guy can hit enchantments, too), boardwipe with Balefire Dragon , wipe out artifacts with Hellkite Tyrant , redirecting or copying spells with Dualcaster Mage or Emissary of Grudges , land destruction with Keldon Firebombers , politics with Humble Defector , cause shenanigans with Molten Primordial (like removing a voltron commander from combat), and much more. It's like legos. You can make your own deck with whatever pieces you want.

  3. Strength #3: boardwipes. This deck loves them. The deck only needs Feldon out to rebuild after a boardwipe. Then you can pull ahead of everyone else who are still suffering setbacks from the boardwipe. And you can keep them down depending on what you can reanimate.

Here's some of the steps to use Feldon effectively

Goblin Engineer gets a special mention here for being awesome. He is one of our few ways to recover from artifact hate. He can tutor low end synergy cards like Illusionist's Bracers and Sundial of the Infinite , ramp like Extraplanar Lens , or beaters like Combustible Gearhulk (can't reanimate him, though). And the best part? If he's reanimated by Feldon he can sacrifice himself, since he's an artifact due to Feldon's artifact clause. Trading Post also helps combat artifact removal.

Use Feldon's ability to put artifact tokens that are a copy of a creature in your graveyard that have haste. Then, and this is important, you sacrifice it at the end of the turn. Now keep in mind that Feldon's ability costs . Reusing that ability by untapping him requires more mana for each untap. This can be accomplished through mana ramp cards.

IMPORTANT LOOPHOLE: Feldon's tokens are sacrificed "at the beginning of the NEXT end step." So, if you make a token(s) during the end step of the turn right before yours, those creatures will survive until the beginning of the next end step, which is yours. You can temporarily double up Feldon's ability for just that one turn. This trick can also be used to get around cards like Authority of the Consuls .

Imperial Recruiter can tutor up about a dozen different creatures. Including the most important one, who is also a tutoring creature, Goblin Engineer . With those two, you can tutor a lot of the creature in the deck. Just lot not the big, non-artifact ones.

Bogardan Hellkite , Inferno Titan , and Spawn of Thraxes are great damage dealers for this deck. Their purpose is generally to kill as many creatures as possible. Add Drakuseth, Maw of Flames , too, because he does tons of damage. He's the only one I've kept in the deck up to this point, but the others are still good to add if you like more spot removal.

However, the absolute BEST card in my deck that does damage to creatures would have to be awarded to Balefire Dragon . He's a one-sided boardwipe.

Duplicant and Meteor Golem are special in that they can get rid of cards that are normally untouchable. Indestructible creatures, and the pesky enchantments.

Special shoutout to Hellkite Tyrant . What's the only thing better than resource denial? Stealing. It's only okay when I do it, though. There's a reason I run Homeward Path .

Value creatures do 1 of 3 things: get cards, make tokens or remove things

Worldgorger Dragon can both save you from boardwipes and also extremely accelerate your gameplan if you have a card like Thousand-Year Elixir that gives haste. It basically lets you untap your whole board and use it again. WARNING: if he gets killed while his ETB effect is on the stack, his second ability will resolve first, returning nothing because nothing has been exiled yet, then your entire battlefield will be exiled with no way to get it back.

Get Cards: Skullclamp , Goblin Engineer , Etali, Primal Storm , Solemn Simulacrum , Combustible Gearhulk , and Ox of Agonas . Ugin, the Ineffable also draws cards. Special shoutout to Combustible Gearhulk who hit my opponent for 21 damage once because he wouldn't let me draw.

Keep Tokens: Sundial of the Infinite (it'll be explained later), Chancellor of the Forge , Utvara Hellkite , Ancient Stone Idol , and Wurmcoil Engine . Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker is also really great at making tokens.

Removal: All damage dealers (especially Balefire Dragon ), Hellkite Tyrant , Duplicant , Meteor Golem , It That Betrays , and Pathrazer of Ulamog .

Remember, if you lack sufficient killing power, you can double up on Feldon's ability for one turn by making tokens during the end step of the turn prior to yours and again during your own turn. That often gives you the power for an alpha strike.

Molten Primordial , Ancient Stone Idol , Drakuseth, Maw of Flames (11 damage swing!), Pathrazer of Ulamog , and It That Betrays are generally the creatures that can seal the game on their own. Molten Primordial turns into Insurrection , while the 2 eldrazi can utterly devastate players. It That Betrays doubles as a value engine.

This card gets an honorable mention: Utvara Hellkite . Not only does he make tokens, he can easily throw the game in your favor. Very quickly. I once played a game where because of this card I did an average of 503 damage to each of my 4 opponents. That's cooler than just saying you went infinite, btw.

Did you honestly think that I would only want to use Feldon's ability once in a turn? Ridiculous. Ridikulus. Expecto patro... never mind. There are so many cards that can pull out the most amount of creatures from Feldon. Here they are.

Thousand-Year Elixir

Magewright's Stone

Illusionist's Bracers

Lithoform Engine

Sundial of the Infinite

Mirage Mirror

Worldgorger Dragon

Goblin Engineer

Those last three are going to need a little explaining. First: an introduction. Feldon's tokens must be sacrificed at "the beginning of the next end step." Notice how it only says the next end step. It'll trigger just once, so if you end the turn on top of the stack, guess what happens? The turn will be ended, and when that happens everything on the stack is exiled. Including triggered abilities. Now my card will never be sacrificed because it already triggered and failed.

Mirage Mirror can copy a Feldon token or anything else you want to at the time. As a bonus, it can turn into a land if someone tries to destroy it. It should be noted that mirage mirror's ability can be activated multiple times before it transforms into something else (at which point it loses the ability to transform until it reverts at end of turn). For example, I have Caged Sun and Fiery Emancipation out. I use the mirrors ability twice, having it first become a copy of caged sun, then Fiery Emancipation. While it's the caged sun, I float a lot of extra mana, then I let the other ability on the stack resolve so it becomes Fiery Emancipation. Now I have extra mana to play lots of creatures with 2 Fiery Emancipation out. Now that's just overkill.

Now, the dragon. Worldgorger Dragon exiles my battlefield and, when he dies, brings it all back untapped. He basically lets me use Feldon's abilities again as long as I have something like Thousand-Year Elixir that gives him haste at any time (i.e. not Lightning Greaves because they only equip at sorcery speed).

And the goblin. He's better at recycling than first glance would tell you. If he's in your graveyard, you can tutor up thousand-year elixer, sac himself to get it out (remember, he's an artifact creature at the moment), untap Feldon and find something else. All at instant speed!

Now. Reusing Feldon's ability takes A LOT of mana. Like, metric tons of it. For each activation you need , plus whatever amount of mana you're using to untap him. Just remember, only around 1/3 of it needs to be so colorless ramp works great. Here's my ramp cards.

Dockside Extortionist

Solemn Simulacrum

Caged Sun

Extraplanar Lens

Sol Ring

Thran Dynamo

Worn Powerstone

Myriad Landscape

Everflowing Chalice

Fires of Invention

Fires of Invention is special. It frees up your mana to use Feldon while also not impacting your game much. More spells, and it doesn't even affect when you can use Feldon's ability. We don't run instants, anyway.

That's how the deck runs, but there are lots of other factors involved in playing this deck, like looking innocent when you're really not. You'll either have to face it or use it to see how it really should run.

Here’s a pro tip combining all my Feldon experience. Sometimes, you hard cast a dangerous creature and you want it to stick around instead of dying to spot removal, like Terror of the Peaks . If someone wants to kill it, remind them that, if it’s dead, you can copy it multiple times over and make the situation worse than when I only could have one of it around. The obvious loophole to this threat is that you only have a limited number of reanimations you can do a turn, so you have to use up your resources reanimating Terror of the Peaks instead of something else. BUT, they don’t know that. Rather than looking for loopholes in your deceit, they’ll focus on how dangerous that possible truth is. I’ve saved powerful creatures countless times with this threat, or, other times, staying completely silent when I do want them dead to turn them into a destructive copy machine.

I know there are a lot of players out there who are even more budget than me. Trust me, that is somewhat impressive. Okay, maybe not, but I know there are a lot of people who spend gold bars on this game. Here are the expensive cards (more than $5) and what you can possibly replace for them.

Balefire Dragon --> Steel Hellkite , Breaker of Armies , or Drakuseth, Maw of Flames

It That Betrays and Pathrazer of Ulamog --> Artisan of Kozilek , Bane of Bala Ged , or Ulamog's Crusher

Reforge the Soul --> Sandstone Oracle , Avaricious Dragon , Dream Pillager , Bedlam Reveler , or Chandra, Flamecaller

Wurmcoil Engine --> Chancellor of the Forge

Lightning Greaves --> Mask of Avacyn or Swiftfoot Boots . We don't talk about Champion's Helm in budget.

Thran Dynamo , Gilded Lotus , Sol Ring , Everflowing Chalice , Caged Sun , Extraplanar Lens , Fires of Invention , Dockside Extortionist --> Hedron Archive , Dreamstone Hedron , Mind Stone or any other mana rock you have.

Myriad Landscape , Sea Gate Wreckage , Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle , Homeward Path , any other land--> Mountain

Endless Atlas --> Mazemind Tome

Fiery Emancipation --> Warstorm Surge

Worldgorger Dragon --> Scrap Mastery Worldgorger only serves as boardwipe protection. Hence the swap.

Blood Moon --> Ruination

Purphoros, God of the Forge --> Vicious Shadows

All Is Dust , Blasphemous Act --> Incite Rebellion , Hour of Devastation

Imperial Recruiter --> Goblin Recruiter / Goblin Matron (because I almost always tutor up Goblin Engineer ), Sarkhan's Triumph (if you have lots of dragons).

Solemn Simulacrum --> Wild-Field Scarecrow , Burnished Hart , Filigree Familiar . Nothing does everything the Sad Robot does. They only do less of it better.

Hellkite Tyrant --> Tuktuk Scrapper or Ingot Chewer . If you can't have it, kill it.

Thousand-Year Elixir , Illusionist's Bracers , Magewright's Stone , Sundial of the Infinite -->I would not suggest skimping on any of these. They are too good. Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and Mirage Mirror are in here mostly because they can get me even more Feldon creatures (although Mirage Mirror does do a lot more than just that). Budget option: Puppet Strings .

Now for even more budget card options. You can replace many of the cards less than $5 with these options as well. In terms of good budget cards other than the ones listed above, Heartless Hidetsugu , Fanatic of Mogis , Mask of Memory , Sin Prodder , Emissary of Grudges , Dualcaster Mage , Dragon Mage , Sunbird's Invocation , Fireflux Squad , Clone Shell , Scuttling Doom Engine , Sandstone Oracle , and especially Shivan Harvest or Tyrant of Discord (if you feel like being mean), are good budget adds. Also, cards in my maybeboard are cards I've considered adding into my maindeck, or want to add as soon as I get the card. If you have any of those cards, put them in your own Feldon deck.

Here's my take on a budget Feldon list. Each card is below $5, with 1 key exception for Illusionist's Bracers .

Feldon Needs Some Love! On a Budget!

Commander / EDH Lanzo493


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Updates Add

I'm trying new things and removing the old! Here's the general update.


Drakuseth, Maw of Flames , Torbran, Thane of Red Fell , and Etali, Primal Storm underperformed in the deck. Being legendary restricted their usefulness.

It That Betrays underperformed, too.

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and Blood Moon got taken out for my modern goblins deck.

ox of agonus and Rummaging Goblin aren't very good discard effects, so they're out.

Wurmcoil Engine I just don't like it. It gets a fair amount of life, and makes tokens, but it doesn't really close a game very well. Not like other reanimation targets.

Ghired's Belligerence It wasn't what I thought it would be. It takes too much setup to work consistently.

Worn Powerstone This was a hard choice. However, it takes up the 3 CMC slot that Feldon has.

Solemn Simulacrum It's just slow.

Trading Post Slow


Keldon Firebombers They've been in and out of this deck. Not because they aren't good. They're simply hated.

Merchant of the Vale Nice discard

Ryusei, the Falling Star How have I not thought to put in a boardwipe that can be reanimated before? I can even make multiple of it for more damage.

Terror of the Peaks I love this kind of card. It's the kind of card people hate, but if I tell them I'll reanimate it in multiples if they kill it, they let it stay.

Sneak Attack and Sandstone Oracle They work well together and on their own. The deck needed some more pure draw.

Tibalt's Trickery It's good. That's why.

Darksteel Plate I'm running this because I want to. Not much real strategic significance here.

Mind Stone To replace Worn Powerstone .

Rings of Brighthearth and Lithoform Engine For more Feldon shenanigans.

Jeska's Will Great card. Probably better than Sad Robot, the card it replaced. Wheel of Misfortune is another great new card at 3 CMC I’m adding.

You may have noticed that I removed quite a number of creatures in favor of non-creatures. Does this upset the balance of the deck? Not really. I removed legendary creatures, which can't be reanimated in multiple, in favor of more cards that advance my gameplan of abuse Feldon's ability. I have enough draw to get at least 1 nasty card in the graveyard, and 1 nasty card is all I need. So now I have more support for Feldon instead of options for killing people.

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