Voltron is one of my favourite mechanics to work with in Magic and especially in EDH; Feather is probably the most versatile and interesting Voltron commanders because she wants Voltron with instants and sorceries. I thought about how I could make a unique Feather deck - seeing as many people want to build or have built her - but I thought I would combine a mechanic that loves being targeted by spells (Heroic) with an Boros synergy (Tajic) and a few kick-ass pieces (Anya and Gisela).

As one would expect, this deck is predominantly instants and sorceries; I leave boardwipes to other players. Naturally I have many Heroic creatures that tap down creatures, gain +1/+1 counters, create tokens or start stealing creatures from my opponents. I have attempted to keep to a theme with the instant and sorcery names; mostly to do with battle and courage on the battlefield but I am not opposed to using others. If it works with Feather and her Army, it goes in. As a nasty little piece, I added in Guttersnipe because with the low converted mana costs of my instants and sorceries, I am very likely to cast multiple in one go. Why not add some damage on top of a almost-lethal Feather? Using Path to Exile and the tokens that some of my token generators can create, I can easily ramp myself without the need of mana rocks and green spells. Angelic Ascension allows me to turn creatures I steal into 4/4 Angels.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my deck! I am open to all suggestions.

Raven Rose


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