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Feather, the Redeemed - Chaining Spells

Commander / EDH* Double strike Exile RW (Boros) Trample



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UPDATE 10-11-2021 After a long long hiatus, I am back and will be slowly updating this deck.

Slight updates have been added for now.


The Obvious

  • Buff up Feather, the Redeemed as fast as we can! Swinging in big and taking our opponents out by commander damage

Somewhat Obvious

Not So Obvious

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY politicking plays a big role in commander and with the possibility of Feather, the Redeemed being able to one shot an opponent by commander damage really puts a target on her head!

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Boros doesn't have much to offer, just kidding! . . . kind of :) This was my very first Boros build and considering the hype around her as a boros commander, I wanted to put my own little twist onto her!


Opening Hand:

  1. Any producing Land

  2. Simian Spirit Guide - Discarding for

  3. Pyretic Ritual

  4. Dualcaster Mage - Cast

  5. Mox Diamond - Discard any land to produce

  6. Mana Crypt

  7. Twinflame - Casting onto Dualcaster Mage, Creating infinite hasty Mages

Alternative Turn One Win (Harder to pull off)

  1. Ancient Tomb - Leaving one extra floating

  2. Simian Spirit Guide - Discarding for

  3. Mox Diamond - Discard any land to produce

  4. Village Bell-Ringer - Cast

  5. Mana Crypt

  6. Lotus Petal - Produce & using the extra from Ancient Tomb

  7. Pyretic Ritual - Along with Mana Crypt

  8. Splinter Twin - Casting Village Bell-Ringer, Creating infinite hasty Humans

Dualcaster Mage + Twinflame = Infinite hasty Mages

Dualcaster Mage + Heat Shimmer = Infinite hasty Mages

Splinter Twin + Village Bell-Ringer = Infinite Hasty Ringers

Aetherflux Reservoir can be a serious weapon in this deck as life can easily be obtained! Here's an example using FOUR cards:

Assuming Aetherflux Reservoir is already on the battlefield, your stack will follow:

  1. Cast your 1st instant - Triggering Aetherflux Reservoir, hold priority
  2. Cast your 2nd instant - In response to the first trigger, still holding priority
  3. Cast your 3rd instant - In response to the second trigger, still maintaining priority
  4. Cast your 4th instant - In response to the third trigger, letting priority pass.

keep in mind, these are the FOUR cards that were cast

If there are no responses and priority passes, each one of your casts will resolve thus triggering Aetherflux Reservoir

So your last instant will resolve first:

  1. 4th instant resolves - Aetherflux Reservoir triggers, counts all cards cast this turn. FOUR
  2. 3rd instant resolves - triggering, counts all cards cast this turn. Which is FOUR
  3. 2nd instant resolves - triggering, counts all cards cast this turn. Which is FOUR
  4. 1st instant resolves - triggering, counts all cards cast this turn. Which is FOUR

This will net you 16 life by casting only FOUR instants. Remember, each spell counts itself and any other spell. If you cast 5 instants, that is 25 life. 6 instants 36 and so on.


If you cast a spell and then let it resolve and then cast another spell and then let it resolve That is only 1 trigger each, therefore only netting 2 life. You have to respond to each trigger before letting the spell resolve in hopes no opponent's are holding counters.


Closed for Renovations! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Again, Enjoy!


Feather, the Redeemed can also be built around Stax! Very fun as well


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