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Just another Orzhov Changeling deck. Really cool to play in casual, can get quite fast and still stay versatile. Griffin Rider and Sinew Sliver are our MVPs, resting on our nice army of Zombie Vampire Griffin Demon Angel Rogue Knights (ZVGDARK).

Morsel Theft, Seraph Sanctuary, Night's Whisper, Smitten Swordmaster and Scroll of Avacyn are there to keep us on track, and they can get quite explosive. I'm thinking about adding some more card advantage, but I still am not sure which cards could be taken from the present list (suggestions grandly welcome).

This deck's main difficulty is the changelings themselves, since there are no bear changelings in Orzhov colors (yet, I hope) and most of our ZVGDARKs are not too hard to kill or aren't astoundingly cost effective. To kinda curve their relative weakness, we have Gift of Fangs, which can also be used as removal; Crawl from the Cellar and our rockstar Sinew Sliver.

The sideboard is kind of a mess, I still need more time to perfect it.

Welcome to the ZVGDARK army:


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