I want to talk about this deck, especially the name.

I originally created a mono red version of this deck back during Kahns of Tarkir. The deck was a aggro deck focusing on Heroic with enchantments to boost power quickly, remove blockers, and deal leathal damage within only a few turns. The fastest the deck could go was a turn 3 kill. Based on the way the deck played it could not go faster than that.

When Pioneer came into the scene I again revisted that deck, having a few more cards to choosen from to bolster the power and consistency of the deck while offering a few better options for protection against removal. It could achieve kills on turn three regularly enough but not so consistent that it was a guarantee. Instead the bigger improvement was the ability to make it into turn 3+ against midrange and control and still be able to kill with the right plays.

After having played the pioneer version a few times and enjoying it I decided to take a look at what I would want a modern version to be. So here we are. This would be the modern version of my deck. It's very much a mix of Aggro, Zoo, and Bogles.

The deck uses easy to buff creatures like Satyr Hoplite, Monastery Swiftspear, and Favored Hoplite to buff easy while retaining the power because of heroic triggers and low cost enchantments that buff but offer an immediate payoff.

There are some support creatures like Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer and Kor Spiritdancer that can be buffed themselves but are better off in a support to role to either generate mana for stronger plays earlier on or just generate card advantage while still being a minor buff creature in it's own right.

The big boons to this deck come in the way of evasion and hard hitting early damage. Cartouche of Zeal and Hammerhand give haste to 1 drop creatures that don't have it while also removing pesky early blockers from key attacks turn to turn. Gryff's Boon is just a great evasion creator that also can be a recurable enchantment if rounds go into the late game. For game ending damage you use Temur Battle Rage which give a great buff to your creatures turning your 3/3 on turn 2 into a 4/4 double strike and trample on turn 3, or if you have a titan's strength or another enchantment a 6/6 or a 8/6 double strike and trample on turn 3.

The goal is to have 2 to 3 creatures on turn 3 that you can potentially spread the buffing around too to make it harder for your opponent to remove threats and stay alive.

The side board can obviously be changed to fight whatever meta you may run in too but ultimately I went with what is ostensibly the deck's biggest threats. Targeted removal protection like Karametra's Blessing and Gods Willing. Removal for cards like Chalice of the Void using Abrade which can also be used as conditional removal for simple board threats.

The key is using your combat tricks as intelligently as possible as your enchantments cannot be tricked into play the same way. But that will all come down to the deck you are playing against. For example against burn and jund you want to make sure you have Blessing and Willing with mana open to preserve your threats against their heavy removal. Whereas against Bogles and Tron you can just go hamfist and enchant and buff as quickly as possible as you will most likely outpace Bogles and Tron but don't want to go into the late game as they eventually outpace you and make it much harder for you to get in that incidental damage.

The best way to explain this deck is Infectless Infect. A high aggro deck focused on buffing to edge out early game damage.


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