This is a midrange budget deck that seeks to sustain itself through artifact synnergies fueled by Wernog, Rider's Chaplain's trgigger for entering the battlefield and Lurrus of the Dream-Den's ability to grant us access to our graveyard for additional value. The deck wins through removing key threats while building up a board and eventually winning through pinging our opponents down, through taking infinite turns with Time Sieve or even through combat damage. This is not an explosive deck, but a deck that seeks to grind out the game until we can acrew mora advantage than our opponents.

Thus, our removal suite should be used to remove either game ending threats or big value engines that would allow our opponents to keep up with the advantage we can gain through a longer game. We aim to do this through countermagic such as Disdainful Stroke, Dovin's Veto and Negate, through versatile removal like Anguished Unmaking, Stroke of Midnight and Void Rend and sweepers like Damn, Depopulate and Farewell. We also run some more limited removal for creatures such in the form of Dispatch, Path to Exile and Swords to Plowshares since creature are a common threat and the rate for these spells is simply very good. Finally, we run a suite of one-drop artifacts that target specific problems (such as Dispeller's Capsule, Dusk Rose Reliquary and Soul-Guide Lantern) in order to synnergise with Oswald Fiddlebender and any tokens we generate.

In order to generate continuous advantage, we rely on Wernog, Rider's Chaplain to repeatedly enter the battlefield, and on Lurrus of the Dream-Den to reanimate value engines. Wernog can be replayed a few times due to his low mana cost before commander tax becomes too troublesome, but we can also generate extra triggers by blinking him with spells like Cloudshift, Ephemerate and Essence Flux or reanimating him with Unearth, Recomission or Lurrus of the Dream-Den. Lurrus, on the other hand, generates advantage through replaying card draw permanents like Experimental Synthesizer, Ichor Wellspring and Mephitic Draught, or by reanimating Wernog, Rider's Chaplain. Wernog should be viewed as a tool for generating advantage in any way possible, rather than a commander that does work while on the battlefield, and Lurrus should be viewed as an important piece on the battlefield worth defending.

We improve our resource generation through effects that preserve out artifact count as we sacrifice artifacts, like Hidden Stockpile, Legion Extruder and Oni-Cult Anvil, as well as effects that create additional artifact tokens as we pursue our interactive game plan, like Lotho, Corrupt Shiriff, Magda, the Hoardmaster and Third Path Iconoclast. We also seek to gain additional advantage by using our artifact tokens as a resource to keep our card velocity high with cards like Deadly Dispute, Sage of Lat-Nam and Skullclamp.

Finally, we attempt to win the game through depleting our opponents' resources while keeping our own high and slowly generating a board of loads of artifact token creatures to beat down with, through slowly draining our opponents out with Marionette Apprentice, Reckless Fireweaver and Sunshot Militia or draw into a combo of Sword of the Meek+Thopter Foundry+Time Sieve. Generally, we go for a combination of the first two, and if we're going for the combo Oswald Fiddlebender can help us assemble our pieces while Sword of the Meek+Thopter Foundry can be game winning even without Time Sieve since the two cards still generate infinite life while not taking infinite turns.

All in all, this deck is strong but very slow. If we are unable to answer an important threat well enough, we will most likely lose the game since we simply do not have the raw power to compete with an explosive deck doing explosive things. Thus, the deck's success may be quite meta dependent since there are likely too many, too scary things happening at the same time for us to answer them all in some metas. Yet, if you want to play a midrange deck and if you want to play with three commanders at once, this deck might be a blast to play!


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