“The boundary between real and imaginary is as thin as the page, and just as easily torn.”


Eldraine is the storybook land of fairytale romances, knights whose quests take them yonder hill and dale, and enchanted forests alive with mischievous faeries. The gifted storyteller Chulane has encyclopedic knowledge of every tale, fable, and legend told across Eldraine- and even some from other worlds as well. One of his favorite stories tells of the impossibly beautiful and ambitious faerie queen Oona and her coterie of scheming fae children. The tales that Chulane weaves together are given real life and form through his ensorcelling inspiration. Will your opponents make it to the end of the story?

Your Words Carry Weight:

  1. Gather an audience of Faeries that can be cast at instant speed and low-CMC creatures to swarm the opponent, ramp, and draw cards all at once with Chulane on the field.

  2. Bounce back your creatures with cards like Quickling , Glen Elendra Pranksters , and Chulane as a form of protection and to recycle ETB effects and Adventures.

  3. Neutralize your opponents' threats in full fairytale flavor by turning them into animals ( Swan Song , Oko, Thief of Crowns , or Frogify ) and, for one very unfortunate victim, Turn into a Pumpkin .

  4. Once you amass a field of creatures, use playful base-stat modifiers like Oko's Hospitality and Oko, the Trickster to make your creatures giant while keeping their buffs (animated Artifacts become massive, Faeries are evasive and get a lot of additional passive buffs).

  5. With Chulane weaving his lengthy tale, the stage is set for powerhouses like Realm Seekers and Overbeing of Myth to end the story. Both become especially powerful with Reliquary Tower on the field.

I'm really excited for Eldraine, so I wanted to make some very cheap/ casual thematic decks to utilize all color identities and use all the cards I really like.

  1. Faraway Fiction- A GWU Commander deck with Chulane focused on Faeries and the Adventure mechanic.
  2. Gilded Gluttony- A BRG Commander deck with Korvold focused on fairytale villains and the Food mechanic.
  3. Kingdom Come- A RWU Commander deck with King Kenrtith focused on diplomacy and happy endings.
  4. Blinding Chivalry- A RWB Commander deck with Syr Gwyn focused on Knights and combat stratagem.


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