Werewolf RG Aggro tribal deck from Innistrad plane.

"Do you know what is worse than a wolf in a sheep´s clothing?"
- Wolfhunter´s riddle

"It is said, that everybody has a secret, but this one will give you the creeps. Story of this deck starts on one cloudy night with a reckless rogue, running up the stairs to the lower part of the city. She was a waif, never known her parrents. The crooked city streets became her home. Nobody knew where she came from, nobody even cares. But it was not her only secret. She was in hurry. The Mayor of Avabruck will surely be already there, she thought. The towers of the Temple of abandon were looming in the distance. She was close. Suddenly two hulks crossed her path. The fog lifts my lady, you should not wander here like this. Perhaps you are not alone, are you, sneered one man? Yes, I am alone, said the girl. And yet you are not afraid, asked the other man? No, I am not worried. That is not very wise, commented the first one as they stepped towards her. Full moon rose from the clouds and lit up the knife blades. She can´t deny her true nature for so long. While it must be, then I'm afraid that I have a surprise for you, smilled the girl. Near the baby woke up and started crying as howl pierced the night."


Duskwatch Recruiter   - 2/2 for is solid. As a Human he can helps us to dig in the deck for creatures while we can pass the turn to flip our Werewolves. As a Werewolf he is 3/3 and he lower the cost of our creatures by . Cheaper Collected Company.

Huntmaster of the Fells   - As a Human it give us 2/2 wolf token + 2 life. As Werewolf it deals 2 damage to our opponent + 2 damage to his creature and become 4/4 Trample. Best when fliping often. He also adds the flavour to our deck.

Immerwolf - Mainly he gives our Werewolves and Wolves +1/+1 boost + he keeps our Werewolves from transforming back (which sadly spoils little bit our Huntmaster of the Fells   abbilities while we can´t switch him there and back again).

Kruin Outlaw   - 2/2 First strike for seems to be little bit weak but when boosted from our Mayor of Avabruck  , Immerwolf, Full Moon's Rise, Arlinn Kord  , Kessig Wolf Run and especially in her Werewolf form (3/3 Double strike, all your Werewolves have Menace) makes her the GAME FINISHER.

Mayor of Avabruck   - As a Human he gives +1/+1 boost only to Humans. We need him as soon as possible in his Werewolf form to fulfill his duty and give +1/+1 to our Werewolves and Wolves + generate a 2/2 (3/3 from boost) wolf token every our end step.

Village Messenger   - In ideal situation and even alone he can hurts our opponent potentialy for 5 and kill one of his creatures (summed up to the end of 4th turn if our opponent don´t cast anything in 1st turn). In late game his Haste or Menace abilities + potential boost can unpleasantly surprise our opponent. A lot of bang for just .

Wolfbitten Captive   - Early threat of becoming 3/3 for , which we also use to pass one of our turns. In late game we can use the mana to pump him to 6/6 for which is enough to be taken in consideration by our opponent.


Rancor - To ram through the defence.


Arlinn Kord   - She can nicely boost our creature/creatures, generate 2/2 wolf tokens, Lightning Bolt included and her ultimate is just awsome. She also adds the flavour to our deck Similar to Atarka's Command.


Lightning Bolt - 3 damage to anything for is evergreen.

Moonmist - Imagine our opponent attack with everything for the deathblow. We simply cast Moonmist, transform our Werevolves, kill some of our opponents creatures. And in next turn kill our opponent.

Blossoming Defense - to boost and protect our crew.


To keep it budget I used following best lands.

Forests and Mountains in the same amount (after sum of each mana symbols in the mana cost) are obvious as we play Green-Red deck.

Karplusan Forest - obvious card.

Kessig Wolf Run - For it gives to target creature Trample + for more it gives also +X/+X boost.

Rootbound Crag - obvious card.

Stomping Ground - to improve our mana base.

Wooded Foothills - to improve our mana base.


Destructive Revelry - Against annnoying Artifacts and Enchantments which you will certainly meet during your journey in the MTG multiverse.

Full Moon's Rise - Boost our Werewolves +1/0, gives them Trample and can save them with Regenerate (sadly they lose the boost and Trample). Situational for Ratchet Bomb.

Moonlight Hunt - Although its power is dependant on the summed power of our Werevolves and Wolves on the battlefield, targetted creature can really feel how is it like to be hunted down by a pack.

Daybreak Ranger   - Effective removal kit in nice body.

With a big thank to WumpaWolfy for his advices and ideas when building this deck :-).

BTW best way to play with werewolf cards or any other fliping cards is to buy a Dragonshield covers + Perfect size covers with side load. And you do not have to be afraid of flipping your cards ever ;-).


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