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"Fair" Dimir Control (For a New Pioneer)

Pioneer* Control UB (Dimir)



As my username suggests, I have a lot of love for creature-oriented skies decks and I really enjoy thinking up alternate versions of this old archetype. This said, this build is part of my recent effort to brew within the unique deck-building constraints of Pioneer, Magic's "dying" format, which, as of February 15th 2021, is looking increasingly less dead given the LONG AWAITED bans of a slew of generically powerful cards like Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath and Wilderness Reclamation which impose virtually non-existent deckbuilding constraints in exchange for a game-breaking edge in the form of mana and card advantage.

As a fan of MTG card design and its storied history of play and counterplay, these cards do not interest me very much and I'm happy to see them leave the format in principle. Doom Whisperer , on the other hand, has long caught my eye as a fantastic culmination of Wizards' approach to efficient, evasive creatures in general and to the demon creature type in particular. It has a singularly powerful statline for 3BB and adds some marginal value to the game even if removed immediately. While a creature like this is not favoured whatsoever in the gameplay environment fostered by Wizards' current (F.I.R.E) design philosophy, it is nevertheless very powerful from the perspective of "older" metagames (i.e. those from WAY BACK in 2018) which did not expect all creature cards to be both "Mulldrifters" (creatures that generate value in addition to simply being creatures) as well as "Baneslayers" (creatures that win the game if left unchecked by virtue of being objectively powerful in a vacuum). With this in mind, the deck you see here is an attempt to build traditional U/B "protect the queen" control that capitalizes on the 3-three-turn-clock that Doom Whisperer provides in order to pressure opponents while denying them resources and tempo. As I began testing this deck well before the recent shake-up in the format, my aim was to create a build that defies the F.I.R.E. design philosophy's colorpie-warping insistence that all "good cards" must generate value as they ETB. Instead the deck seeks to utilize powerful, high-investment threats that promise to close out the game if unanswered, but do not automatically replace themselves. In short, underplayed but well-designed cards like Doom Whisperer , Eradicator Valkyrie , and Nightveil Predator needed a home in the format, so I built this deck.

All input is welcome as always. -SBS


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