For those of you budget Magic players who want to play U/B Faeries but don't have the dough to get Bitterblossoms, fear not! There are still ways to play! This is a budget U/B tribal aggro deck that uses the Faerie and Rogue Lords along with evasive Faerie Rogues to get the best of both creature types.

This deck can be an alternative to Mono U Faeries for people who play multiplayer. Mono U is a tempo deck, but since tempo depends on incremental advantages over a single opponent to win they tend to really suck in games with multiple players. To remedy that weakness, this deck focuses on aggression by adding Rogues for a higher damage output and uses tempo cards to supplement them. (See section about Notorious Throng below)

Overall, this is a fairly powerful and fun deck to play casually. If you have an itch to play Faeries for cheap, don't want to get stomped in multiplayer games, or just want to play a different take on Faeries or Rogues, it's a solid choice!

Note: List shown above is for a medium-high budget. Please look in the Alternate Builds section for lower budget versions or peruse the primer to see budget alternates for specific cards.

The Foot Soldiers:

Faerie Miscreant - The best one-drop Faerie Rogue available.

Nightshade Stinger - Has a downside, but is still a Faerie Rogue, which is the most important thing.

Changeling Outcast - It's a Nightshade Stinger that's unblockable!

Vampire Cutthroat - Not a Faerie, but if you need the life gain it's okay. As of now, Changeling Outcast has taken its place, so you won't see it in the list above.

Oona's Prowler - Two mana for a three power flyer is very strong. The second ability can slow it down, but in the scheme of things spending a card to make it smaller is an automatic 1-for-0, which as you know is not a very good deal for your opponent. Just watch out for Madness, Dredge, or other such decks that can take advantage of it.

Budget Option: Vampire Cutthroat, Quickling, Faerie Vandal, Faerie Duelist, Surveilling Sprite, Nightveil Sprite. Pick your favorite.

Interactive Creatures:

Spellstutter Sprite - This helps protect creatures from removal, counter threats, etc. A timely Spellstutter Sprite can win games on occasion.

Note: In an interactive meta (ie if you play against removal often) you can cut a Peppersmoke to go up to 4 Spellstutter Sprite. If budget is an issue, the deck will still function well if you cut them completely.

Pestermite - The ability to tap opposing blockers and lands on the end step, tap attackers, or untap our own lands in order to dump more power on the board is quite useful. Pestermite (and Spellstutter Sprite, for that matter) allows the deck to play a tempo game while still maintaining the same level of aggression, giving it a better edge against interactive and faster aggro decks.

Brazen Borrower - This card is a good beater and a removal spell in one. The Petty Theft adventure on it can be used to bounce a big threat, then when you're out of cards to play it can come back from exile--at instant speed--to be a threat itself.

Budget Option: Play 2 Pestermite, Latchkey Faerie or Dewdrop Spy instead.


Oona's Blackguard - It's slower than the other lords, but the discard is very relevant in the grindier matchups. It powers up the one-drops significantly, making it less painful to draw them late, and it's nuts with Notorious Throng. It's also a Faerie Rogue itself, which makes it an auto-include.

Scion of Oona - Buffs and gives most of the creatures (the sole exception being Stinkdrinker Bandit) hexproof at instant speed. Two of these on the battlefield locks the opponent out of targeting our Faeries altogether.

Budget Option: You may replace the Scions with Latchkey Faerie and/or Earwig Squad.

Stinkdrinker Bandit - This is what allows the deck to win on turn 4 and burst your opponents down from high life totals. It's an alpha strike with a wide board and it can also be played on turn 2, which is a nice discount for its upgraded power buff.

It also works well with Vampire Cutthroat, though it's not in the deck at the moment; when attacks are declared, the game sees Cutthroat's power as 1, making it unblockable by any creature with greater power. After blocks, Stinkdrinker's ability kicks in, making it a 3 power lifelinker.

Honorable Mentions Show


Vapor Snag - The best budget one-mana removal spell one can play in these colors. The damage it deals provides extra reach and it can bounce a creature to protect it or reuse its enter the battlefield trigger (ex. Spellstutter Sprite).

Bloodchief's Thirst - This is a newer card from Zendikar Rising. It's a versatile spell that does a fairly good Fatal Push impression, which is perfect for a budget deck like this one.

Peppersmoke - There is a decent number of creatures with only one toughness that see play in Modern (Bob, Thalia, most mana dorks) and it can set up trades if needed. It also cantrips, which means you don't lose out on card advantage.

Upgrade: Fatal Push.

Card Advantage:

Thieves' Fortune - A very powerful cantrip because of its card selection. It's basically a Sorcery speed 1-mana Impulse that you can pay two extra for to turn into an Instant.

For Multiplayer/Casual play:

Notorious Throng - I include this as a one-of whose main purpose is to get out of sticky situations, though it can win games as well. You won't get to Prowl it very often given the lower land count in the deck; it's mostly used to make chump blockers, get out of stalled board states (when there isn't enough power on board to kill them and their crackback is more than yours), and simply as a way to go wide and confirm the victory. It's most useful in multiplayer games, but it's a decent card in 1v1 as well. If you play kitchen table Magic often, it is likely worth playing more Notorious Throng.

Honorable Mentions Show

The sideboard above is a general list that I created with respect to the current Modern metagame. If you have questions about the sideboard or would like some help tuning your sideboard for your local game store, feel free to ask me! I'll be glad to help.

Duress, Noggin Whack - For control and other interactive decks, which are generally a harder matchup. Noggin Whack is especially good against black-based midrange decks, since they often rely on 1-for-1 trades and Whack is an automatic 2-for-1.

Spell Pierce, Negate - For extra protection and planeswalker removal.

Earwig Squad - For combo, Tron, or just to get rid of any pesky removal spells.

Faerie Macabre, Nihil Spellbomb - For graveyard decks.

Morsel Theft - On-theme lifegain to hedge the aggro matchup.

Ceremonious Rejection, Steel Sabotage - For Tron and Affinity/Hardened Scales. Steel Sabotage can also be used against Stoneforge Mystic decks.

So, you may have noticed some references to Notorious Throng in previous sections. To clear up any potential confusion, the deck list above is what I deem to be the best in 1v1, but in multiplayer games I like to put in 1 or 2 Notorious Throng, which increases the damage ceiling by a lot; in fact, you can kill 10 other players at full health by turn 5 with it! The ideal hand with Notorious Throng goes something like this:

  1. 1-drop (e.g. Faerie Miscreant)

  2. Prowl out a Stinkdrinker Bandit

  3. Prowled Stinkdrinker Bandit, 1-drop

  4. Attack for 22 (sending one player to the grave :D), play Notorious Throng and get 22 tokens

  5. Play a third Stinkdrinker before combat. Now each 1/1 attacks for 7 and the 2 not-summoning-sick Stinkdrinkers attack for 8, a total of 184 damage! (210-214 if counting previous turns)

Of course, all that is assuming other players don't interact with you at all. Which is unlikely, but possible!

While the Faerie Rogue creature type doesn't have quite enough relevant cards to make many different decks, you can move the focus of the deck around a bit; for example, you could play more Spellstutter Sprite for a tempo focus, or cut them altogether for an aggro focus. In this section, I'll give you my recommendations for tweaking the deck one way or the other.

Here I'll list the changes for you to make at your own discretion. Scroll to the bottom if you would like to see some of the budgeted lists I cooked up myself. (Prices are in gold!)

More Aggro, More Rogues

-4 Scion of Oona, +4 Faerie Vandal

-2 Pestermite, -1 Thieves' Fortune, -1 Spellstutter Sprite; +4 Latchkey Faerie

-2 Brazen Borrower, +2 Morsel Theft

-1 Oona's Prowler, +1 Peppersmoke

This build still has access to tempo cards in Spellstutter Sprite, but cuts Scion of Oona and Pestermite in favor of more aggressive Rogues and a lower curve. Latchkey Faerie, Morsel Theft, and Peppersmoke are added to supplement Faerie Vandal's triggered ability.

(-$72.68 when compared to original list)

More Tempo, More Faeries

-4 Oona's Blackguard OR Stinkdrinker Bandit; +1 Spellstutter Sprite, +1-2 Mana Leak, +1-2 Faerie Duelist, +1-2 Quickling

-2 Nightshade Stinger, +2 Quickling

-0-2 Pestermite, +0-2 Brazen Borrower

-1 Oona's Prowler, +1 Island

To be honest, the stock list is already leaning towards the tempo side of things, so there's not all that much to change without cutting the Rogue part altogether.

(-$6.21 or +$61.79 depending on # of extra Brazen Borrower bought)

More Tempo, More Rogues

-4 Scion of Oona; +4 Soaring Thought-Thief

-4 Nightshade Stinger, +4 Thieves' Guild Enforcer

-4 Faerie Miscreant, +4 Mana Leak

-4 Changeling Outcast, +4 Merfolk Windrobber

-3 Spellstutter Sprite, +3 Drown in the Loch

This version of the deck cuts pretty much all the Faerie cards for counterspells and the Rogue lord from Zendikar Rising, Soaring Thought-Thief. Here's a build of this that I came up with: $40 Tempo Rogues


No Faeries, Just Rogues! (not actually. we're still playing faeries here.)

-4 Nightshade Stinger, -2 Spellstutter Sprite; +4 Faerie Vandal, +2 Vampire Cutthroat

-4 Scion of Oona, +4 Latchkey Faerie

-2 Pestermite, +2 Oona's Prowler

-2 Thieves' Fortune, -1 Spellstutter Sprite; +1-3 Earwig Squad, +0-2 Brazen Borrower

(opt. -2 Vapor Snag, +2 Morsel Theft)

Rather than tribal synergy or tempo, this build focuses on pooping out creatures with a higher than average power:cmc ratio (like a Stompy deck, in a sense). Note that this doesn't completely cut Faeries out of the equation, because then it would just be Rogue tribal. This means that Spellstutter Sprite can be moved to the sideboard as a tech card.

(-$45.87 or +$29.93 depending on # of Brazen Borrower bought)

No Spells, Just Faerie Rogues!!!

-4 Vapor Snag, +4 Faerie Vandal

-2 Thieves' Fortune, -2 Peppersmoke, -1 Pestermite; +4 Latchkey Faerie, +1 Spellstutter Sprite

-1 Pestermite, -1 Oona's Prowler; +2 Brazen Borrower or Earwig Squad

Basically cut all the noncreature spells to play creatures. I can't speak for the competitivity of this one (removal is pretty darn important in Modern) but if you want to play literally every good Faerie Rogue this is a good way to do so.

(pretty much same price unless buying Brazen Borrower)


Scion of Oona --> Latchkey Faerie

Brazen Borrower --> Pestermite or Earwig Squad

Oona's Prowler --> Quickling or Faerie Duelist

This replaces some of the more expensive cards with less expensive cards (wow). The first alternate build is also very budget friendly.

Here's a Rogue deck with a BAD Goblin twist!

Bad Moon Rogues

Modern hungry000


And some $15 Budget decks:

$15 UB Faerie Rogues

Modern hungry000


$15 Faeries

Modern hungry000


$15 UB Faeries

Modern hungry000


$15 Tempo Rogues

Modern hungry000


Leave a comment and an Upvote if you like the deck!


Updates Add

We got a few new cards from Zendikar Rising: Soaring Thought-Thief and Merfolk Windrobber . These and Thieves' Guild Enforcer from M21 are great Rogue payoffs.

Of the three, Soaring Thought-Thief is the one with the most potential as a payoff in this deck. However, its reliance on mill synergies make it and at the very least Thieves' Guild Enforcer a package deal in a way; otherwise, the deck doesn't have enough mill to make Soaring Thought-Thief worth the Faerie inconsistency. Thus, none of them make it into main deck. They are, however, more than good enough to make their own archetype of Rogues! Here are a couple of my builds of that deck: $15 Tempo Rogues, $40 Tempo Rogues.

In other news, Zendikar Rising brought with it a really nice budget removal spell in Bloodchief's Thirst . I've replaced one Peppersmoke and one Vapor Snag for two of them in the main deck.

As always, thanks for reading!

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