This deck is centered around the synergy between our evasive or completely unblockable rogues alongside one of the best tribal lord in all of MTG, Stinkdrinker Bandit.

As a tempo deck, Remand is our best friend! We're a Rogues deck, but you can see we also have the faerie sub-theme. This is to power up our Spellstutter Sprite, which can really help to protect our most valuable asset, Stinkdrinker Bandit.

Stinkdrinker Bandit may seem underpowered for a 4 mana 2/1, but we're usually going to be playing him as a two-drop for his prowl cost. This is highly effective early, especially if we can get him down on turn two after swinging in with an unblockable one drop. However, he can also be used as something of a combat trick later in the game if we pay his full price pre-combat phase, boosting up our unblockable creatures. He makes every single one of our creatures a recurring Lightning Bolt! It's as if we have 11 Insectile Aberration in our deck while he's on the board. That is to say, we have 11 one mana 3/2's, not including all of the tokens Bitterblossom will generate. Yes, this only matters when our creatures go unblocked, as the buff happens after the blockers step, but thanks to 21 of our creatures being evasive, going unblocked is going to be the most likely scenario. Stinkdrinker Bandit also includes himself, and multiple copies stack, meaning you'll find yourself regularly finishing off games by swinging in with three unblockable 1/1's for 15 damage because of the two Stinkdrinker Bandit in play.

I would appreciate feedback on this brew!

Thank you!


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