Competitive Stompy.

The Plan:

  • Plan A: Play 3-4 elves (including a mana-per-elf guy), get an infinite enabler, cast Ezuri, Renegade Leader , and attack each other player with an infinitely large elf.
  • Plan B: Argothian Elder , then see Plan A.
  • Plan C: Stomp a little at a time. Believe it or not, Ezuri provides a pretty quick clock without big/infinite mana.
As you can see below, Argothian Elder is probably the most important non-big-mana elf generator in the whole deck. It enables all kinds of shenanigans and, in some situations, is actually better than a big mana elf might be.

Infinite Mana Combos (using Staff of Domination will add 1 elf to these combos)

Infinite Enablers

Big Mana Elves


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