A Naya Midrange deck based on the Exert mechanic from Amonkhet.

Exert - Why to exploit it

With the introduction of Amonkhet we will receive a new mechanic based on keeping a creature tapped down after it 'exerted' itself during an attack. This triggers an ability, that basically has to be of enough value to justify its unuseability for one full round past the normal untap step. In most cases it is only worth it under heavy conditions. A great surplus on value is gained, if you are able to surpass the tapping of the creature or an easy untapping of it to make it instantly useable again. Basically we will try to use the keywored vigilance and spells that untap creatures to our advantage.

Who to exert - How to exert

The greatest value in a midrange build is gained by using these exert creatures:

Glory-Bound Initiate

  • This is a two-drop, that if exerted on turn three during an attack will propably never face an opposition or could definitly trade with that enemy. 4/4 lifelink is an enormous thing to beat in combat and practically ensures us to win a race. As a normal 3/1 he is able to trade upwards while also being weak to tokens and burn spells.


  • This creature has printed value all over it. The haste allows him to be of immediate use and dodge sorcery speed removal to gain value before the enemy's turn.

Blessed Alliance

  • Utility in its purest form. Removal, valuable lifegain and the really relevant ability to untap or exerted creatures. What ever you want whenever you need it.

Always Watching

  • This whole deck practically started with the thought, if it would be worth it to utilize a turn two Glory-Bound Initiate into a turn three Always Watching attack - exert - vigilance. This might possibly be the strongest line of play. 5/5 lifelink, vigilance is disgusting on turn three.

Arlinn Kord  

  • This is our second constant enabler with Always Watching . A secondary source of haste is also welcome and availabe a whole turn earlier. Outside of the enable she is also an attrition based card, that allows us to produce tokens and remove creatures.

Samut, Voice of Dissent

  • This card has exert written all over it without actually have it as a printed word. It is in all colors, that can use exert and has keywords and abilities, that are advantagous to exert. Oh, did I mention the keywords already? Must have kinda overseen them. Jokes aside haste, vigilance and double strike are frightening, but flash kinda puts it over the top. This care will be responsible for more swingy turns in the upcoming standard than any other.

Synergies - Who benfits exert/from exert?

Odric, Lunarch Marshal

  • This card works very well with the thickness of keywords provided by this deck. It will be easy to spread lifelink, first strike, double strike, flying and haste. I only include him as a one-of, because of his marginal value of his own.

Sylvan Advocate

  • I had problems with aggro decks and this one was great at slowing them down. He also became another form of enable in connection with Odric, Lunarch Marshal.

Channeler Initiate

  • Eh... ramp. Kinda useful and to receive Glorybringer and Samut, Voice of Dissent a turn early might be worth it, especially with haste. It is also a really nice thing, that she grows into a beater.

Value - To kepp the deck running

Tireless Tracker

  • Carddraw. The decks needs this so much. He is a growable beater and can get you at least a card, if you have a land the turn you play. Multiples, if he stays in the game.


Everything is welcome, if it stays in the color pie and does not remove Arlinn Kord  , Samut, Voice of Dissent , Always Watching , Glorybringer and Glory-Bound Initiate. Current candidates for getting cut are Odric, Lunarch Marshal and maybe Incendiary Flow .

Also, another new creation of mine:

Capitalism - A Harmless Offering

Modern LordDerrien



Updates Add

I got some very enlightening comments, that made me see Combat Celebrant and Champion of Rhonas in a new and sadyl worse light. Both sadly do not perform as well in synergy with the other cards as I imagined. What proved to be strong is the sharing of the abundance of keywords. So I also added Oketra the True for indestructible, dopple strike and being an easy to turn on beat-stick.

Devoted Crop-Mate was included for sustain and card recursion, but might be changed for Watchful Naga. Maybe even Mouth / Feed.

I am also really undecided on the split between Samut, Voice of Dissent and Glorybringer. The manabase might also get some changes soon.

Thanks for helping so far guys! :)

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