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This is a secret commander deck.
Main goal is Etrata, the Silencer + Sisay, Weatherlight Captain + something that gives haste, and if you have it, something that can double the effect.
The first part of the game is getting Sisay's power up while setting up your enhancers for Etrata and reaching WUBRG mana sources. Use equipment and/or cheap legends for the pump. Haste equipment can be transferred to Etrata if you have the mana.
While it's very possible that you've revealed your win-con in pre-game talk, if you haven't it can be good to feint like the Etrata summon is just a cool way to remove something problematic the first time, do the table a favour, though you may set yourself up as a target - people are scared of Sisay decks! Anyway, once you have a player one creature exiled, you can try to get the doubled effect to assassinate that player out of nowhere. Remember you need a creature (or two) that is not the commander to target, which means there are decks that are very hard to take down.
There are also some ways to blink or bounce Etrata while her trigger is on the stack to prevent her from being shuffled, but remember that leaving her on the table makes her vulnerable to removal, so this is not always a great move. I've made that mistake plenty, and will consider taking out that package in the future (Astral Drift/Slide and cycling, etc). There are a few things (Repopulate, Season's Past) that can help her recur, but it's not an ideal situation. Edit: I did take out the package, as it turns out I would rather try to resummon her with Sisay than leave her on the battlefield.

Note that this is NOT a toolbox Sisay deck. There are some cute moves like pull out Gerrard in response to a board wipe. Can definitely try to play a "fair" game with all the legends in the deck. Since we have lots of equipment for Sisay already, there is a decent commander damage win angle as our backup plan, but the deck is definitely focused on the janky win-con.

  • Fifth - Draft + Some big changes, which I'm sure I'll miss some of here: Cut Astral slide/drift and the cycling lands, and the cycling/blinking "package" in general. Turns out I would rather shuffle Etrata back in to keep her safe, generally. Also departing: Lazav, Preordain, Jiang Yanggu, and Supplant Form, and some other tap-lands/slow fetches/Field of the Dead.
    Added fetchlands, a few pathways, blood crypt, and other better mana base. Also more ramp, like Bloom Tender, Farseek, Mox Amber, and Skyshroud Claim. Lithoform Engine is another strionic resonator. Mangara the Diplomat is potential card draw/deters people attacking you. Samut, Voice of Dissent is another Haste-enabler (for Etrata) and Hajar, Loyal Bodyguard is cheaper in those colors and protects both Sisay and Etrata, potentially.

The goal here is to focus again on the assassination combo, esp making it more consistent. Did I achieve that? Not sure, but I think the mana base is better (tho might not be balanced for the color pips in the deck anymore) and ability to assemble WUBRG is improved. There are still a good amount of cheap legends to boost Sisay's power as well as equipment to do the same, plus at least one additional (tho expensive) haste-enabler. It's a weird balance between making the deck better and playing some pet/flavourful cards, like the Skyship Weatherlight, which I'm not sure I'll ever use.

  • Fourth - Draft + Added Skyclave Relic, Poison the Cup, Hero's Blade, Raff Capashen, Rampant Growth, and Maul of the Skyclaves. (Also got the foil etched retro Sisay bling bling).
    Cut board wipes, manifold key (a stretch of a combo piece), and mana geode (the relic is better).

  • Third - Draft + I've removed the ninja + unblockable package. (This will become it's own deck, Cazur + Ukkima, coming soon!) Tried to include more 2 and 3 color legends, more protection for etrata, and a better mana base. Think I last updated this after mystery boosters came out, so included some new toys like Treacherous Terrain, which allows a win out of nowhere.
    Think it could use some counter magic, and fewer board wipes. Tucking as removal is cute with Sisay able to find things.

  • Second - Draft + I've removed the Gates-matter package and added more legends to help pump Sisay and give the deck more of a fighting chance. I managed to play the first draft just a few times, and I was consistently unable to get Sisay big enough to bring out Etrata. To be fair, I think this deck wants to sit back and assassinate someone quickly if possible (or play it more politically). The only thing I'm worried about is being able to get Etrata back if she gets killed... maybe I'll start running more reanimation if that becomes a problem. Hopefully she's usually hiding in my deck and can attack with haste when tutored to go back in, or can be blinked to avoid targeted removal. These strategies are still unproven.

  • First - Draft +

This is a 5-color commander deck with Sisay at the helm, but the secret commander is Etrata, the Silencer. It ends up being mostly a Dimir ninjas deck, but with a focus on either being able to bring Etrata back out after she hits, or blinking her to keep her on the battlefield. In order to bring legends out of the deck, Sisayt needs more power, so there are a variety of artifacts (some legendary) and a few other ways to bump up her power by one and allow her to find a two color gold legend, further increasing her power...

I have never played a deck that's basically about protecting two creatures, and I have never played a 5 color commander deck. I'm not sure about the manabase, nor the consistency, but this is the first complete deck list.


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