Deck credit: TheManaSource

Most of this deck focuses around breaking Etrata with circumventing the legend rule, flickering, phasing and getting around her shuffle trigger. I do not take credit for this deck list; I copied it, and the tech, from the video above. See video for full deck tech explanation (primer).

Etrata, the Silencer
Strionic Resonator: each Etrata hit becomes two hits, two exiles & two hit counters.
Helm of the Host: two Etrata hits + Strionic Resonator = instant kill.

Strionic Resonator and Helm of the Host are your top priority cards for this quick-kill combo, and should be tutored for ASAP.

Mirror Gallery: avoid the "legend rule" for all of your Etrata copies.
Blade of Selves: use with Mirror Gallery! If Strionic Resonator is in play, enjoy your multi-kill turn.

Strionic Resonator:

-Shred Memory
-Muddle the Mixture
-Dimir Infiltrator

Helm of the Host:

-Dimir House Guard
-Clutch of the Undercity

Mirror Gallery / Conjurer's Clost:




General Tutors:

-Dark Petition
-Fabricate (Artifacts)
-Lim-Dul's Vault
-Dig Through Time
-Treasure Cruise

Sakashima the Impostor

These require Mirror Gallery to be in play:

-Clever Impersonator
-Stunt Double
-Mirage Mirror
-Blade of Selves
-Rite of Replication
-Mimic Vat: use on Etrata ONLY as a panic button with victory in sight. She WILL remain exiled.

Flicker: Use any of these in response to Etrata's trigger to avoid putting her back into your hand or command zone. You must still shuffle your library!

-Conjurer's Closet
-Essence Flux
-Ghostly Flicker
-Illusionist's Stratagem
-Deadeye Navigator (Soulbond with Etrata)
-Identity Thief: no need to use this in response. Exile Etrata, attack with Identity Thief "Etrata", shuffle Identity Thief away, then real Etrata comes back at the beginning of your end step.


-Supplant Form
-Crystal Shard
-Erratic Portal
-Venser, Shaper Savant


Etrata can never be blocked, so Ninjutsi is always live! Ninjutsu can be used at any phase of the combat step. In this deck, it is used at the post-damage combat phase. Etrata's damage, exile and hit counter still goes through, and you ninjutsu her back to your hand to avoid her shuffle trigger. The ninja you bring out will not deal any combat damage and therefor will not get any combat damage triggers.

-Mistblade Shinobi
-Ninja of the Deep Hours
-Walker of Secret Ways: can be used to send your ninjas back to your hand.


-Vodalian Illusionist



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