I remember like it was yesterday. It was 2003 and i was 7 years old when i entered in a game store and ask my father what was that package on the shelf, he answered me it was a card's game called Magic The Gathering, curious, i bought the package, it was scribed "Mirrodin", i didn't know what that strange word meant, but i was going to find out very soon. After i opened the package a world opened to me, a world made of metal. I didn't know how to play that game and didn't have any friends who did, so i kept the cards in the drawer for a long time. 5 years later a new world, also made of metal, opened to me, it was Esper, charmed i remebered about that strange place called Mirrodin i once saw, but still, didnt understand it, and didn't have the time to, but it never stopped to appear im my dreams. Today im 22 years old, today i understand Esper. Today i trully understand Mirrodin and its metallic philosophy and im eager to carry it in my matches, eager to restore what was once lost, and now can be reforged.

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