The idea of this deck is to use Lich's Mastery, to draw a ton of cards with Ajani's Welcome and Tokens, and draw constantly into nexus of fate creating infinite turns where you can not lose the game.

I really want to build a list around Lich's Mastery, probably involving a playset of nexus of fate as I have one I want to use, to do silly things with - not particularly bothered about super competitive, just want stupid jank things that I find fun. This is me messing with the list before making further purchases/trades.

I also only wanna include cards that won't be out next rotation, as I won't be building the deck all at once, and I'm not interested in getting cards that are going to rotate out before the deck is finished, or a few weeks after it is finished.

My idea is to control the early game with cast down, fatal push, seal away, syncopates etc while getting some creatures and token generator on board, potentially pumping ajani's pridemate iwth Ajani's welcome, and maybe get the gilded lotus out of possible, chump block with the tokens I create against aggro, and using mentor in early game to draw cards.

Once lich's mastery is out, the plan is to get as much lifegain is possible with Ajani's Welcome, by pumping legion's landing and Aryel and creating a ton of tokens, that let us draw 3 cards each time we play a creature, and the 4 nexus of fate makingn sure we never mill ourselves to death, and having infinite turns with a big token board that we can replenish.

Alternate Wincons are pumping up Ajani's Pridemate, or Josu vess, with sideboarded Chromium, as well as Duress and Kitesail Freebooter to get rid of River's Rebuke and other cards that could remove Lich's Mastery, and some more early game counter/removal if against aggro, as I feel early game is when this deck is the most vulnerable.

Very much appreciate tips on this, within the limitation of no cards that rotate in october.


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