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Esper Arcane Demons




A unique way of comboing off turn 6 in an unsuspecting way. The way the deck works is your early turns put bodies that leave behind tokens, and tocatli honor guard to slow down explore and ravenous chupacabra, a little bit of moment of craving for removal + lifegain vs. aggro. Turn 3 your ideal play is arcane adaptation, which essentially makes all your creatures demons, also some midnight reaper for card draw if they're killing things. Turn 4 we have vraska's contempt to deal with scary things, and rite of belzenlok, as it leaves behind to cleric demons, plus has some nice synergies, if we hit our demon we now have a demon and a cleric demon, if we sac hunted witness, doomed dissenter, or martyr of dusk with a midnight reaper in play, we get another token and more card draw. Turn 5 is our wincon, Liliana's contract, which gives us more card draw, and hopefully wins us the game on the next turn. We also play Lyra in the 5 slot because super powerful and lifegain, so why not.

Sideboard we have some stuff against control, citywide bust is really good against the explore decks, doom whisperer, dino decks; golden demise is good against the aggro decks, and the ascend isn't reallty that relevant, as we don't really care if our creatures die, more contempts, shalai, voice of plenty to give things hexproof

Some weak spots for the deck I think are straight up control matches, like counterspells, if they keep countering our enchantments we're pretty much dead; I sideboard counterspells, chromium, and nezahal for those matchups...chromium is very good against control. depending on the style of control I might also bring in shalai if they have vraska's contempts or settle the wreckage. Assassin's Trophy is a little annoying, but I don't think it's honestly terribly great against us, for a few reasons...for one..if they use it on Liliana's Contract, we still get card draw, and it thins out our deck making it very plausible to find another one. Also, they're usually also scared of Lyra and Rite of Belzenlok and will usually attempt to take those out...and a lot of time they'll want to nab tocatli honor guard because he sabotages their whole strategy.

I'm not sure if I like Opt or Chemister's insight here. I'm 15-5 thus far, and 3 of those losses are on mana issues, but it's weird...screwed twice, flooded once...so I'm not certain there's actually an issue. Insight makes our curve look quite nice, and insight is really good late game at 8 mana, we can actually draw 4...but opt works well early, especially to find land....so it's very hard to say. I think one of the deck's issues is finding the pieces we need, which really shouldn't be an issue for the deck as far as I can see. with 2 insights and 4 contracts, card draw shouldn't be an issue, but that 5th mana has proven to be quite troublesome for some reason.


Updates Add

I took out Rite of Belzenlok and replaced with Chemister's Insight....Rite is too slow and we're often forced to chump, and insight allows us to dig.

took out sinister's sabotage, 1 golden demise, added 1 more negate and 2 Raff Capashen, Ship's Mage. Raff is really good against control.

If your'e flooded on arcane's, you can also name angel and give your team lifelink if you have lyra out.


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