Do your commander games need a time limit without being c-edh? This is the deck for you! Very consistent and quit powerful.

The price tag here seems like a lot but you can shave about $1100 off just by replacing the moat. You can make this for about $300 or less.

The first two lands you usually want to search for are gond gate and heap gate in that order. Gond gate is the second most important land in the deck next to maze itself so getting it out early to get value is key. Protect it if possible but people usually underestimate it and save for maze anyways.

Hour of promise is one of the best spells in the deck and enables you to get maze with vesuva backup. You can also dark depths combo at almost anytime just as a plan b. This is the spell you want to replay or get back as soon as possible.

Copying mazes end with either vesuva or thespian stage is quite powerful with being able to activate and come back down as a gate as your land for turn before you activate the other maze.

Any gate that comes into play and chooses a color, just pick green for ease. The green one, whatever you need.

Just remember, you only need 9 gates when the last maze activation goes off! The way it is worded, you win once the maze ability resolves and you have the 10th from its search.

Have fun and thank you for checking out my deck! It’s my favorite one. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions!


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