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Enlightened Equipments (Budget)

Modern Artifact Casual Mono-White RW (Boros)



Sorcery (4)

Planeswalker (2)

Artifact (1)

Land (4)

Hope you like it for this is my first one I'm posting here.

It was originaly designed as a citchen-table deck, so you will find my initial ideas in the maybe section. I swapped Bloodforged Battle-Axe with Konda's Banner and Nahiri, the Lithomancer with Nahiri, Storm of Stone - which is only a weaker substitution. Also I excluded Ancient Den to make it modern-legal.

I tried to keep an eye on the budget, so it ended up in the middle price segment. If you want to spend more you can include Stoneforge Mystic, if you want to spend less you can swap Steelshaper's Gift for Open the Armory.


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