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Enchanting Enchantresses - Tuvasa, the Sunlit

Commander / EDH* Attach Enchant Enchantment GWU (Bant) Unblockable


This is my first go for a deck playing around enchantments with Tuvasa the Sunlit as my Commander.

My aim is to play around Auras attached to Tuvasa, making her flying, unblockable, giving her trample etc. and kill my opponents with CMDR damage in the end. Making her indestructable and attaching totem armors to her will hopefully keep her alive long enough. In addition low mana curve, tons of card draw and ramp shall help me to reach my goals here.

Any suggestions to improve my deck? Feeling bad for hading to exclude some cards again but I can only hold onto 100 of them... Since I don't have any experiances playing around enchantments I'm always be glad for any suggestions :)


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