My pet deck! This deck is basically the cannibalization/combination of some of my modern decks, some old lucky pulls, and many recent upgrades. I shelved this deck for a while and took it apart to build my Eutropia the Twice-Favored and Siona, Captain of the Pyleas decks respectively. Eutropia was recently taken apart to reuse parts for my Adrix and Nev, Twincasters deck, and Siona will soon get a break to bring this deck back. Now that I've played those variants of Enchantress respectively, I now have a much better idea of what I wanted to include in this deck.

Primary objective: Play a variety of enchantments and turn Tuvasa sideways on someone. Deck can always be scaled back and forth on the Voltron vs Stax synergies as needed per meta.

A combo that will likely only resolve once, or once in a blue moon when the table is tapped out or out of removal:

Enchanted Evening + Opalescence = MLD because all lands are now 0/0 Enchantment creatures, and die as soon as they ETB

  • Add in Aura Thief and a means to kill it ( High Market or one of your own destroy removal spells), to gain control of all other permanents

Additional pieces:

These currently aren't in the deck, but can be added in for additionally hilarious effects

This deck has a fairly low to the ground average cmc, but means of ramping early and getting faster mana for explosive plays. I tried to balance out having the majority of ramp effects on Enchantments for maximizing synergy with the Enchantress effects.

  • Burgeoning Sneak out some land drops when your opponents play lands. Most helpful in the early-mid game, but can be relevant any point in the game, and is easily played at 1 cmc. This could also be an Exploration if you have one, or Wild Growth if you would like a budget alternative.

  • Utopia Sprawl Wow this thing spiked recently. Useful for both color fixing and ramping early on.

  • Farseek Helpful for finding those Shock Lands

  • Rampant Growth

  • Sanctum Weaver An exciting new piece of Enchantress tech from MH2. I'm hoping this thing will survive a table rotation or two for some big mana opportunities. This can scale out of hand fairly quickly if not removed.

  • Three Visits

  • As Foretold Not "ramp" in the traditional sense, but getting in a few free spells before getting dealt with can be really helpful. Could be replaced with another ramp aura if needed

  • Dryad of the Ilysian Grove Stupid sexy plant man color fixes your mana and lets you play an extra land each turn.

  • Weirding Wood Make 2 extra mana? Yes please. Slap it on Command Tower for best results.

  • Bear Umbra Also not "ramp" in the traditional sense, but can set up some explosive 2nd mains or leave mana up for instant speed interaction. Thinking of placing a Wilderness Reclamation in this spot.

  • Yasharn, Implacable Earth Kind of cool that it keeps your hand gassed up in the mid-late game.

I tend to separate these into a couple of broad categories. To me, removal is any single-target or wipe effect that destroys/exiles any type of permanent. Straight forward enough.

Interaction is a little more broad, and which I tend to categorize as any effect that prevents opponents from interacting with your board & resources, or prevents them from effectively using their own. This can be counter spells, stax & pillow-fort effects, graveyard hate, & stealing effects.



Although cantrip effects aren't technically draw, it's still helpful to have cards replace themselves and keep your hand stocked up.

These are all cards I currently own at least one copy of, and which I occasionally wring my hands over and agonize if I should slot them in or not. The choices available definitely move the deck in different directions of more Voltron-Aura based aggro, or more Stax-y and Control. This will be the pool of cards I draw from (lol) to change them deck around meta calls.

Auras for Voltron



Stax and Pillows


Updates Add

After playing my Eutropia and Siona decks quite a bit respectively, I recently recycled my Eutropia deck to make Adrix and Nev, Twincasters , and Siona was feeling a little too formulaic and stale. With the recent Modern Horizons 2 additions for Enchantress, it felt like this could be a good opportunity to bring my old favorite, Tuvasa.


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