Emry, Lurker of the Win cEDH

competitive edh deck

Work in progress! More coming soon. Please leave some feedback and critiques in the comments!

Mirran Spy / Chakram Retriever combos

In this deck both Mirran Spy and Chakram Retriever do basically the same thing. The retriever also allows us to untap emry by casting any spell, not just artifacts. You can replace the mirray spy in the combos below with the retriever and they will have the same effect.

Any of these combos will also allow infinite storm count for Aetherflux Reservoir to go off.

Chromatic Sphere or Chromatic Star or Aether Spellbomb or Scroll of Avacyn or Conjurer's Bauble with infinite mana and any emry uptap combo on board will allow you to draw the whole deck

Emry, Lurker of the Loch + Lotus Petal + Mirran Spy = infinite mana

emry lurker of the loch + mirran spy + lotus petal + aetherflux reservoir = shoot opponents to death

emry lurker of the loch + mirran spy + etherium sculptor + conjurers bauble = draw deck

Emry, Lurker of the Loch + Mirran Spy + Mishra's Bauble = infinite storm and draw deck on next players upkeep

Emry, Lurker of the Loch + Mirran Spy + Mox Diamond = infinite storm (the diamond never comes into play but goes to the graveyard since you didn't discard a land)

Nexus Infinite Turns combo

With Nexus of Fate in library and a draw spell in hand, use Basalt Monolith + Mesmeric Orb to send your whole library to the graveyard. Nexus will trigger and shuffle itself into your library. Use your draw spell to draw nexus and cast it, taking an extra turn. Nexus shuffles itself back into your library again, and next turn you can draw it and repeat the process for infinite turns. If players don't conceed to that you can slowly build up a win from the graveyard with Emry and assemble another winning combo.

Power Combos

Grim Monolith + Power Artifact = infinite mana

Basalt Monolith + Power Artifact = infinite mana

Dramatic scepter combos

The mana rocks used here can be singular or a combination of different mana rocks. For the tapping combos you only need to generate 2 mana, for the infinite mana combos you need to generate at least 3 or more mana. Once you have infinite mana with this combo, if you have Emry online and Codex Shredder or the orb/monolith combo and Recall you can basically get any card from your library.

isochron scepter + dramatic reversal + sol ring + aetherflux reservoir = shoot opponents to death

Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter + Mana Vault = infinite mana

isochron scepter + dramatic reversal + sol ring + senseis divining top = draw deck

isochron scepter + dramatic reversal + sol ring + codex shredder = mill all opponents, or mill yourself with something like to get a certain card into your graveyard to retrieve.


storm out and shoot people with Aetherflux Reservoir

infinite blue mana and Blasting Station recasting Emry to untap it

Jace, Wielder of Mysteries and draw deck

infinite turns with Nexus of Fate


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