Just a good old fashion elf deck, nothing too special.

It's a pretty simple idea, Like all elf decks you just get all of them that you can, and buff them up.


  1. Umbral Mantle + any elf that makes mana per elf = Unlimited mana and a very big creature

  2. Combo 1 + (Haunted Cloak or Ezuri, Renegade Leader) = Unlimited mana, big creatures, and all have trample

  3. Combo 1 + Oracle of Nectars = Unlimited health, mana, and a very big creatures

  4. Taunting Elf+Lace with Moonglove+ Combo 1(OPTIONAL) = kill all of their available blocking creatures

  5. Combo 1 + Diviner's Wand = draw all the cards you need


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