Hi, this is my first EDH Deck! I wanted to try out the new Commander Elsha of the Infinite and went with some janky Finishers like Approach of the Second Sun and Selfmill with Jace, Wielder of Mysteries . I would love to hear your opinion on the deck and feel free to suggest some upgrades, preferably budget! Also my group is playing on a Mid power level :)

The wincons of this deck are a bit janky. The standart way to finish your opponents is a typical storm finish by casting a bunch of spells and using the ability of Aetherflux Reservoir . The more janky ways are either Jace, Wielder of Mysteries and milling yourself to the win or by casting one of the spells Approach of the Second Sun or The Antiquities War .
I usually don't like the idea of infinite Combos, but infinite is part of the Commanders name, that is why I could not resist. One simple Combo, but propably the strongest in the deck is Elsha of the Infinite + Sensei's Divining Top + one off the casting cost reducers. This makes Sensei's Divining Top cost 0 Mana and you can just use its ability to draw your entire Deck. You can even tutor it with Trinket Mage . This combo is great if you have Jace, Wielder of Mysteries out. Another Combo is Elsha of the Infinite + Kykar, Wind's Fury , you can play most of the deck for 1 or 2 mana if you have a cost reducing permanent on the board and you gain 1 mana back every time you play a spell, this way you can play a lot of artifacts out of your deck and with Aetherflux Reservoir out, you can finish off one or two opponents. You can also combo Isochron Scepter with Brainstorm or Impulse for some more card draw, with Counterspell to mess with your opponents or with Dramatic Reversal for infinite mana if you have enough manaartifacts on the board.
The only downside of Elsha of the Infinite 's ability is that you can't play lands and creatures from the top of your deck. Therefore you need to put those cards in your graveyard with Codex Shredder , Precognition Field , Grindclock and Mystic Forge or shuffle your library to change the top deck with Armillary Sphere or Evolving Wilds . The cards like Armillary Sphere and Evolving Wilds also remove lands from your deck.
Here are a few cards I considered adding: Thirst for Knowledge , Madcap Experiment , Spire of Industry . I also need some inspiration for some cards to protect Elsha, because the deck relies on Elsha of the Infinite and you can simply counter here by removing here and increasing the casting cost.
I feel like The Immortal Sun and Ugin, the Ineffable are to expensive and slow down the deck. Furthermore I feel like there are maybe to many creatures in the deck, which can't be played from the top of our library with Elsha.


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Hey, These are the first changes for the Deck.

Paradoxical Outcome can be used defensively as a boardwipe protection, because you just bounce your artifacts and creatures. Plus it also serves as a draw engine and helps milling yourself for Jace. Grindclock can put dead cards from the top of your deck into the graveyard and with enough counters it can mill yourself and your enemy as well. Manifold Key turns Elsha herself into a threat, because of her ability she gets +1/+1 for every spell we play and can get to 21 commander damage in one or two turns, which can’t be blocked due to manifold key‘s ability! Plus untapping your artifacts can ramp you or benefit you in other ways.

Also i added a few cards you can consider yourself!



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