"I'll fight two at once, and then lick their guts from my blades."

Deck Overview

Formerly titled Double Striking Funtime. The goal is to use cheap creatures with Double Strike (either naturally or via Assault Strobe) and play one-mana buffs like Titan's Strength, getting the most out of each of them. Prowess on most creatures makes these buffs even more powerful, leading to very quick and explosive games, including potential Turn 2 wins.

The Turn 2 wins aren't guaranteed but they are a lot of fun. They require a combination of Mutagenic Growth and Brute Force-style buffs. Less Mutagenic Growths are required if an Assault Strobe is available. For example, 2x Mutagenic Growth + Brute Force + Assault Strobe on Monastery Swiftspear results in 24 damage.

From Turn 3 onwards, the 2-drops can easily deal over 20 damage in one combat without requiring Mutagenic Growth or Assault Strobe—they simply require any 3 of the deck's many buffs. The highest possible damage play that can be made on Turn 3 (virtually impossible, but fun to think about) is Assault Strobe + 2x Titan's Strength + 4x Mutagenic Growth on Kiln Fiend, with 2x Monastery Swiftspear or Soul-Scar Mage in play, for a combined total of 60 damage.

Card Overview

  • Titan's Strength: +3 power increased, which is worth twice as much on Kiln Fiend or a creature with Double Strike. Scry also helps immensely.
  • Brute Force: Additional Titan's Strengths, which sacrifice Scry for a larger toughness boost. Titan's Strength is better, though.
  • Mutagenic Growth: Only gives a +2 power increase, but it never costs mana to cast. Especially good with Kiln Fiend.
  • Rush of Adrenaline: Once again only a +2 power increase, but also gives Trample, allowing creatures to break through blockers and score wins.
  • Crash Through: No power increase, but gives trample to every creature and triggers Prowess. The card draw hopefully leads into it with a buff.
  • Assault Strobe: One hell of a finisher. Doubles the effectiveness of all buffs while also triggering prowess and Kiln Fiend's ability again.

To-do List

Hope you enjoyed the deck! Suggestions are welcome, and upvotes are always appreciated. Have a great day!


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