She's crazy. She'll rip your face off your butt and make you long for the days of Warmonger Ghandi. She has these electric dudes that come out of nowhere and beat the scheiße out of you and disappear. Don't let her touch your butt.

  • You may get shafted with a Spark Trooper or Ball Lightning

  • These will not help you get the turn 4 kill that you want, but they will get you close.
  • Turn 2 Brighthearth Banneret .
  • Turn 3 one of the boys.
  • Turn 4 swing. Use a Boros Charm or Fling . If you can play both, you might just win.

  • You're going to run into some schmuck playing a blue deck and they're going to try to make you discard your hand or whatever.

  • Might be worse than that actually: They could be running counters.
  • Actually, it could be even worse: The schmuck is running the same deck and now you are hecc'd.
  • Please refer to the sideboard.

  • So you're playing a long game, right. Or perhaps it's a multiplayer game (because you feel like trying to kill 3 people with a burn deck is a good idea for some reason).

  • Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice and Flameshadow Conjuring will help you "not perish" for these instances.
  • Otherwise, they are discard fodder for when you need to draw.
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