This is my first Commander deck ever after over 20 years on and off(mostly off) in the hobby. Years ago before Commander became a thing, when people dragged me into multiplayer games I didn’t much enjoy I would bring my elves deck with Priest of Titania, Wellwisher and my favorite card in all of MtG: Hurricane. Drop a lot of elves, keep my life total high, then wipe the table with a big Hurricane. For Commander I added black, and the deck features a Pod package, tutors, graveyard recursion, and some combo protection to pull the Hurricane off. I also included as much of the other Elf shenanigans as I could.

I’m only running 33 lands in this deck, factoring the Zendikar split cards. I shaved two lands since this deck has a lower mana curve than most Commander decks while using more ramp than average. Also I’m expecting that the people I’ll be playing won’t be playing decks this strong and adding a little inconsistency might be a good thing.


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