Inspired by EDH decks seen online on websites like Tappedout/EDHREC/MTGGoldfish etc..

Really excited to try out the obvious [Elesh Norn] + [Kormus Bell] + [Urborg] combo, but also very excited to finally give a creature that can block any number of creatures indestructible, like [Hundred-Handed One], [Palace Guard], and [Guardian of the Gateless] paired w/ [Darksteel Plate], [Rune-Tail's Essence], or [Indestructibility].

Mostly just trying to pull off those dirty combos + try to make mono-white work in EDH, also interested to see how worth it the [Extraplanar Lens] + [Snow-Covered Plains] combo will be since I believe it's the only card in this deck that mentions "land with the same name" rather than just the same basic type/taps for white.

Let me know what you think, the mana-curve could probably always use fixing & I provided the sideboard/maybeboard prototype to show what cards I'm torn about including/swapping out for other cards. Should I go all in with the indestructible combo & include [Indestructibility] + [Guardian of the Gateless]? Should I take out a few token generator cards & include more pillowforty [Ghostly Prison] stuff? Best ways to tutor for [Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth] if possible? Tutor for [Kormus Bell] aside from [Enlightened Tutor]?

[Feel free to switch to "Custom" above^ to see the categories I have each card placed in]

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


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