The completed version of Phyrexian control!

You may be wondering, why did you name this deck after the phyrexians when there isn't a creature type of that same name? Well, not all phyrexians fit into this deck, just ones that worship Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite. These phyrexian's lore falls nicely into what this deck is about: con-troll.

Since this deck is mono-white, you won't find many counterpells in this deck. However, there are plenty of game-twisting abilities, enchantments and instants/sorceries that will manipulate your opponents again and again.

Additional note: this deck isn't budget, so if you are running low on cash, this deck may not be for you.

As always, feel free to suggest other cards that could significantly improve this deck. I am always on the lookout for improvement. Thank you for your ratings and comments, they always help me when I am thinking of new updates for this deck.


One final word of advice: Some things in this deck get changed around often enough. I will let people building this deck know if I have changed this deck at all, but if you have already bought the changed card in question, it is fine to continue building as planned.


Updates Add

Special thanks to FormalPrejudice for suggesting that I replace Ghostway with Eerie Interlude, as it is a much cheaper card and has more options when you play it.


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