Hello fellow Planeswalkers, today I am showcasing a deck that was hugely inspired by TheMeadiator and their deck Spiteburn Awakener (Modern Budget Burn Combo) (go check it out!). This is a non-budget Mardu Elemental Tribal Deck that looks to dump our Elementals in Grave for Thunderkin Awakener or Reveillark to Reanimate them. This deck is fairly aggressive, but overall is a Tempo deck that has some removal at it's disposal to deal with hard to remove creatures.

Thunderkin Awakener having 2 Toughness matters a lot in this deck, so the deck is filled with numerous 1 Toughness Elementals with high power to close games more quickly:

  • 4x Spark Elemental is also a one-drop, so it works well as an aggressive turn one play or as a Reanimation target.
  • 4x Flamekin Harbinger is our Tutor for the deck that can also be brought back from the Grave easily.
  • 4x Lightning Skelemental is a better Ball Lightning that can hurt your opponent's card advantage.
  • 1x Spark Trooper is Ball Lightning with Lifelink, making matchups against Aggro and Burn much easier to handle.
  • 4x Runaway Steam-Kin gets larger and can generate us some Red Mana in a pinch if we want to play a lot of cards or have to hard cast an Elemental.

Many of our Reanimation Targets sacrifice themselves at the end of the turn, but that shouldn't be the only way to get them there. When in doubt, loot 'em out!

  • 4x Cathartic Reunion is the premier looting spell now that Faithless Looting is banned. It at least will replace itself in your hand.

  • 4x Thrilling Discovery is the same, but it also gains you life. Burn and Aggro will cry.

  • With the core functionality of the deck, we also run some removal to get rid of any big Creatures our Elementals can't plow over or any harder to remove creatures. Overall, this makes the deck feel really fun. I hope you enjoyed this deck and I hope you have a wonderful day!


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