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Eldritch StompoSaurus (V 3.0)

Modern Budget Combo Competitive RGW (Naya)



There are two extant decks, that seem to be using card packages, that should intermesh well together, and create a deck with multiple viable attack plans instead of one (just like how hollow one uses its graveyard reanimation engine, and its looting/delve engine together).

Said decks are:
Devoted Vizier / Eldritch Allosurus - Tappedout Link
Craggnwick Evolution Stompy - Tappedout Link


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I decided to ditch Steel Leaf Champion in favour of Knight of the Reliquary . Its slightly slower.
However, its much better on the defense, thanks to being able to get +3/+3 via fetching for Ghost Quarter , boost the whole team (even as a combat trick) with Gavony Township , or it can act as a pseudo Mother of Runes by getting Sejiri Steppe either protecting cards like Iona, Shield of Emeria from removal (like pesky Cryptic Command ), or allow creatures to push those lasts points of damage through a sea of blockers.

I also cut some number of sideboard cards that didn't preform as well as expected, stuff like Mitotic Slime . I didn't really need Obstinate Baloth in the burn matchup - which was slightly unexpected.
Aaaand sadly Thrun, the Last Troll does very little in the control matcup, when it somehow would need to survive against Settle the Wreckage & Terminus .

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