This deck is simply put: lots of big creatures, a moderate amount of ramp and a little unexpected utility for fun. I've consistently been polishing this deck and thus far it has worked out really well with my local meta. It's a super fair deck, but once you get to lategame, your opponents might disagree.

The mechanic is as simple as is gets; you ramp, set up a little early on, maybe even wipe once or twice. And when you get to a comfortable amount of mana you bust out Kozilek and put a lock on the game by either countering their stuff or flood out more Eldrazi.

Once you're low on cards, cast Kozilek again – not once did i feel like i needed any other colorless carddraw for that before. So no Mind's Eye or Staff of Nin or anything like that.

Be mindful of the utility lands you have on board. The answer to a sticky situation could've been a land you tapped before. So make sure you anticipate your opponent's potential moves and keep those utility land untapped.

I'm doing quite well with it, but one can always improve, so i appreciate any feedback.

-- August 2020 Update --

I've gotten to the point where i'm open to include Lion's Eye Diamond and Mana Crypt.

Do i feel shame? No. Should i feel shame? No. But is it a lowpoint in my Magic career? Also no.

The average turn Kozilek graces the battlefield is turn 5 (result of a ton of playtests). If you wanted to reduce that time, you can exchange a lot the utility for more ramp. But from what i gathered i'd rather have him out with something of value on the board already, instead of him isolated on turn 3, waiting for the first successful removal and nothing else to fall back on.


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Removed: Phyrexia's Core /// Added: Prismatic Vista

Barely used the Phyrexia's Core. Prismatic Vista on the other hand might help shuffle the deck when necessary.


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