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El, Ell n Elly!

Whistling continues

  • Elly: "Today's scam includes this new cat, Kaheera, the Orphanguard, we found in the junkyard. We just charge people to look at it's beauty and just look how rare it looks! People will pay all their quarters just to see it!"

  • El: "I dunno, Elly. Sarah might tell Mom if she knows that I have a cat. Sarah tell Mom is bad for El!"

  • Ell: "I concur with El. I also cannot house the cat as my parents would definitely not approve. Additionally, we found this feline in the junkyard of all places. Highly unsanitary!"

  • Elly: "Can it Double L. I don't need to hear all that smart stuff, I can keep the cat. Besides, he's cool and is gonna make us some quarters! We'll be swimming in jawbreakers by the end of today! We'll charge to look at it, to ride it, to pet it! They won't even know what hit 'em! Here, El. You put on this Fury Costume and we'll scare everyone towards the cat! Then, we'll make it look like the cat beats you, El! Sometimes I scare myself with my genius!"

The scam proceeds to make the whole cul-de-sac a chaotic mess of Elementals.

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