Field Wipe Central / Burn spells (15)

Recursion (11)

Exile-based Card Draw (10)

Haste (9)

Versatility (9)

Card Filtration (7)

Enchantment Removal (6)

Restrictive Enchantments (5)

Land Destruction (14)

Token/Token Manipulation (14)

Artifact Removal (9)

Spell Duplication / Redirection (9)

Planeswalker Plateu (8)

Removal (7)

Evasion (6)

Creature Duplication (Valuetown) (4)

Sacrifice Outlets! (2)


Other (1)

This is not a list that says "You need this in your deck.", this is a list I use whenever I'm building decks and I say "Okay, I really like having Barbed Shocker in my deck, but how do I guarantee he gets in? Okay, I should choose one of the best red-granting evasion cards, like Bedlam .". I let it be public because I've had a few friends ask me for some help in mono-red. If you don't run any of these cards, thats fine, its just a resource so please no hateful comments bout what a shit spike player I am or whatever :P.

Cards here are typically listed in order of power, so Wheel of Fortune will undoubtedly be listed before something like outpost siege even if it is a very powerful enchantment for red.

There's also a Richter Scale list which I intend to add, which in my OWN opinion contains the single most powerful red cards for commander that require no support and are just generally powerful. This is a list more similar to lists like Commandertheory and Apokalyptiks.

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