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EDH Sarevok, Deathbringer & Tavern Brawler

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Major update! You may remember this deck featuring Kaervek the Merciless as the Commander. With the new Commander Legends set, Dungeons & Dragons: Battle for Baldur's Gate releasing, I decided to try out the new Background mechanic with Sarevok, Deathbringer and Tavern Brawler. I feel like this gives the deck more flexibility and survival distraction than Kaervek (plus he was a pain in the butt to cast onto the battlefield). I hope you enjoy, and let me know your feedback on the new Commander and the Background mechanic for this deck!

Magic has a long history of Rakdos cards that punish players for doing, well... just about anything! Stepping outside my comfort zone and into this new territory, I've been tinkering with a deck that constantly dishes damage to the entire table, but also has a consistent win condition. Unlike the majority of Mogis decks out there, this one is not trying to trying to make the game completely unbearable and agonizing - but it will certainly speed it up!

To make this deck work efficiently, we need to ensure our starting hand can get us to 3 mana spells as early as turn 2 or 3. This will help us get some of our cheaper enchantments on the table and start burning away our opponents on upkeep or any time they play a land, tap for mana or play a creature. It's important as you're drawing cards to keep an eye out for working synergies between artifacts, enchantments and creatures (e.g. Dictate of the Twin Gods or Obosh, the Preypiercer with something like Zo-Zu the Punisher or Polluted Bonds will trigger extra damage). Keep in mind, that these cards can also be punishing you at the same time as your opponents - the true Rakdos way!

Ramp? In Rakdos?! Well, we do have a rather nice ramp package built into the deck. There are some black mana staples in the deck, such as Lake of the Dead, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Dark Ritual, and Crypt Ghast. For red, we're running Chandra, Torch of Defiance, Jeska's Will, Mana Geyser and the new Descent into Avernus. I also placed some cost reduction types in the deck to help us cheat things out, such as Rakdos, Lord of Riots and Avatar of Woe.

For protection, I placed cards in the deck that not only protect us from a 1-turn slaughter, but also punish our opponents for encroaching into our battlefield. Combos such as Crawlspace and Season of the Witch will prevent going-wide decks from sending a full assault, and also destroy the creatures they can't attack with! The hope would be that our opponents attack each other, while this Rakdos deck continues to burn everyone's life totals down each turn. If we don't draw either of the aforementioned cards, then Dread or No Mercy can also come into play and, although we may get fully attacked, destroy anything we don't block. Season of the Witch with either of these two also creates a taunt effect forcing opponents to attack someone so to not take any damage.

Our Commander, Sarevok, Deathbringer, will deal damage to an opponent on their end step if no permanents left the battlefield during their turn. When coupled with his Background, Tavern Brawler, this damage is amplified by the CMC of the card we exile off the top of our library on our turn. The exiled card may be played, so it's a potential to inflict more Commander damage, or even if we exile a land we can play that as well - no loss there! We have plenty of high CMC cards in the deck, so the Commander damage could accumulate rather quickly, making him an archenemy target. However in this deck, losing our Commander to removal in lieu of some of our enchantments or other nasty creatures is not necessarily a bad thing. It's sneaky Rakdos distraction!

Lastly, as you're working towards a winning play, again keep in mind that this deck can also be punishing you at the same time as your opponents! That being said, your winning play will likely be a "just-in-time" one that sweeps away an opponent or all opponents. I intentionally crafted this deck to not be stove piped into a single win condition, but rather count on luck of the draw to see what we get and what fun synergies we can throw onto the battlefield. Possible win conditions include but are not limited to:

This deck is constantly in testing, as I discover and smooth out the best synergies and mana curve to make it efficient but not over-powered. In the end, I want it to be somewhat fun to play against and not be a complete pub-stomper. Suggestions are welcome and thank you for reading!


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