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[EDH] - Oloro -Till life do us part

Commander / EDH Goodstuff Lifegain WUB (Esper)


Life is just another ressource

Whats'Up Yall !!!

This is a casual multiplayer deck supposed to lifedrain and beat the sh#&7 out of your opponents :D

You try to get alot of value out of every lifepoint you get and cause as much pain and trouble as possible abusing lifegain and damage output ! Custom Categories for better understanding what each and every single card is meant for.

There would be several ways for inf. combos using 2 or 3 cards but due to the fact that this deck is not meant to be competetive but more casual we only have 2 tutors and will not play any combos.

Feel free to suggest cards you think would fit or doubt my cardchoices...I'm open for changes


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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