This deck is quite outdated. Here is my updated 5 color version of this deck

This is a combo deck that mainly relies on Spy Kit and Verdant Succession . Tutor or draw for one or both in order to spark a combo.

This is my first time building an MTG deck. This deck was inspired by u/Fourthnumber and their Spy Cat Deck (

Spy Kit and Verdant Succession Win Combos

Want infinite tokens?

Play Verdant Succession , have a creature/commander equipped with Spy Kit and control a sac outlet like Ashnod's Altar . Sacrifice a creature you control equipped with Spy Kit and search for Worldspine Wurm and it enters the battlefield for free. Then, sacrifice Worldspine Wurm , it reshuffles into library, Verdant Succession triggers, replay it and resac Wurm for infinite tokens (BONUS: Have Essence Warden out for infinite life as well).

Want infinite life (and tokens)?

Spy Kit , Verdant Succession , Ashnod's Altar , and Soldevi Digger . Play Thragtusk and sacrifice it with Ashnod's Altar for 2 colorless, reshuffle it into library with Soldevi Digger , then Verdant Succession trigger and repeat for infinite life and tokens.

Want to just make your opponent feel bad by exiling every single creature in their library? (wait you can do that?)

Equip Spy Kit to a creature you control, give them control of it with Donate , Switcheroo , or Puca's Mischief , then cast Eradicate (NOTE: This exiles all of their non-legendary creatures meaning they can still cast their commander and other legendary creatures).

Want infinite mill?

Equip Spy Kit , play Verdant Succession and Altar of Dementia , search for Worldspine Wurm , you get the point.

Other Cool Interactions

Evil Twin - With Spy Kit , destroy any non-legendary creature each untap.

Cornered Market - Locks the board from non-legendary creatures.

Detention Sphere - Exiles all non-legendary creatures.

Retraced Image - Basically cheat out a huge creature like Worldspine Wurm .

Mask of the Mimic - Another creature cheat card.

Bifurcate - Oh look more of them :)

Sever the Bloodline - Exile boardwipe all non-legendaries.

Mechanized Production - Mainly to secure additional Spy Kit s so that if one gets removed or exiled, we still have some to use. If you really wanted to, you could run Biovisionary and have it as another win condition.

Maelstrom Pulse - Boardwipe with Spy Kit .

Pack Hunt - Search for three creatures into hand ( Worldspine Wurm , Academy Rector , Evil Twin please).


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