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Edgar Markov ( Aggro / Combo ) cEDH

Commander / EDH* Lifelink RBW (Mardu) Vampires



Main synergy:

  • Academy Rector + Master of Dark Rites = sacrifie other creature to add +3 black mana for faster cast Academy Rector, in next turn sacrifice "Academy Rector" then search and punt into battlefield (depends on situation): Exquisite Blood, Meathook Masacre (for death triggers) or animate dead to start infinite loop "Leonin-relic"

  • Master of Dark Rites + Blood Artist + Oathsworn Vampire = additional +3 black mana, death trigger, cast Oathsworn from grave and create additional vampire token

  • Captivating Vampire + other 4 vampire = gain control of target commander

  • Master of Dark Rites + Cordial Vampire = pumping all vampuires by +1/+1 counters

  • Bloodghast + Skullclamp = draw engine

  • Vampire Socialite + Agatha's Soul Cauldron = give all abilities to all vampires from Agatha's Soul Cauldron

  • Agatha's Soul Cauldron + Razaketh, the Foulblooded = want win game by tutoring combo cards ? No problem, entomb for Razaketh then revive them by aniamte dead or on instant speed activiate Aghata's Cauldron ability

  • Master of Dark Rites + Bloodghast = additional +3 black mana and death trigger

  • Pyre of Heroes + Universal Automaton = tutor for any type 2cmc creature

  • Pyre of Heroes + Clavileno, First of the Blessed = tutor for Academy Rector

Deck win-combos:

  • Peer into the Abyss: if Orcish Bowmaster is on battlefield or u have them on your hand, try to cast "Peer into the Abyss" and target another player then cast Orcish Bowmaster ;), if u have Grand Abolisher on battlefield just cast "Peer into the Abyss" and win the game

  • Vito thorn Dusk + Exquisite Blood (u can avoid counter enchanments by sacrifice Academy Rector )

  • Blood Artist or The Meathook Masacre + Phyrexian Arena + Oathsworn Vampire (classic loop)
  • Blood Artist or The Meathook Masacre + Animate Dead + Leonin-relic (classic loop)
  • Ad Nauseam (u can try gambling to draw win-con cards if u have enough of life)
  • Ad Nauseam + Angel's Grace = 100% win-con draw all deck, cast mana ramp spells then cast combo-loop
  • Lion's Eye Diamond + Wheel of Fortune + Underworld Breach (classic deck filter) = grab loop-combo cards then cast it from graveyard

tutor synergy:

  • Razaketh, the Foulblooded (revive from grave or try to cast with "Master of Dark Rites") = tutor for "Burnt Offering" + "Peer into the Abyss" then draw half deck and try to play win-con cards

  • Razaketh, the Foulblooded (revivie from grave or try to cast with "Master of Dark Rites") = tutor for "Ad Nauseam" + "Angel's Grace", 100% win-con by drawing whole deck then cast mana ramp spells / combo-loop

If all failed, just spam Vampire fastest as u can, cast Commander and push hard - every turn commander attack one of player (until lethal commander dmg) and other vampires attack second player (dont forget to use Agatha's Cauldron to pump +1/+1 yor Vamps)

Peer into the Abyss note:

If u dont wan't die by other player's "Orcish Bowmaster" trap just replace "Peer into the Abyss" to "The One Ring", it wll lower cmc, give you a protection from 1 turn and extra cards draw, u can also sacrifce them by "Goblin Engineer". But in fact.. "Angel's grace", "Grand Abolisher" or "Silent" will give u protection from that kind of trap.


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