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So in all seriousness here is what the deck is supposed to do. It has about as much control as I could put in a deck that is supposed to win with attacking creatures. With four creature drops Glen Elendra Archmage as control and a beater for when the time is right )you'll see) and Venser, Shaper Savant as a Vapor Snag on Roids.

Legion's Initiative and Supreme Verdict are the money makers. You pop legion's iniative on the opponent before your end step.

You then on your turn board wipe on the first main phase with Supreme Verdict clearing the board, countering anything that tries anything like Rootborn Defenses.

Once you've wiped the field your creatures come back in for your combat phase where you attack

Boros Charm is here for if I need to wipe without a Legion's Initiative or to give dbl strike for a finisher.

NOTE: Glen Elendra Archmage and ESPECIALLY Venser, Shaper Savant have very good synergy with the Flickering effect of Legion's Initiative and with Restoration Angel. In the late game you can get Venser to trigger 4 times in one turn. Snapcaster Mage also has great synergy with this and I will be adding him in if i can ever get a playset of him


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Im very pleased with how this deck works considering its a complete Homebrew. It wins the mass percentage of the games it plays because people have no idea what to expect and it throws them for a loop. A game tonight I was able to get Venser to trigger 4 times in a turn and then swing for lethal with Tagic, Resto Angel and Venser.

Go Rogue!


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