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Dunkelzahn's First Awakening

Commander / EDH*


Key Stats-

Ramp- 13

Draw- 8

Removal- 5

Wraith/Wipe- 3

This was my first ever commander deck. It started out as the 2017 Precon and has been heavily upgraded from there. I wanted to keep this deck in the spirit of EDH... Big creatures swinging for the win. While the deck is slow due to the nature of dropping big creatures and having a high avg. CMC it is still very powerful and if left unchecked will win by a large margin easily. I run one combo wincon and one alternate wincon to allow for different lines of play depending on the meta/pod I am playing in. The power level of this deck is roughly around 6-7 and can hold it's own with higher power levels, assuming the meta is not combo out by turn 6 to end the game. The deck is certainly not optimized though it is tuned for it's power level. While this is not my normal style of play it is a deck I love and see's play in my normal rotation of decks quite a bit.


Savage Ventmaw + Aggravated Assault = unlimited combat phases


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79% Casual

21% Competitive

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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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