A deck built around venturing and completing dungeons

Combos- (Thxs to Abzkaban and multimedia)

Utility- Reassembling Skeleton / Viscera Seer for better draws or Reassembling Skeleton / Ashnod's Altar for mana ramp

Infinite Venturing (As long as you don't complete Tomb of Annihilation)- Omniscience / Acererak the Archlich , using this combo can net a win using all the dungeons but Lost Mine of Phandelver will most be the most likely as it can get yo infinite goblin tokens and draining the opponents life to 0, however you deck yourself using this as well as it creates infinite draw as well so be careful

Sefris repeatable first effect- Doom Whisperer / Haunted Crossroads + some life gain cards to help offset that life loss


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Cut Phyrexian Altar, Demonic Tutor and Cyclonic Rift due to the price of them. May cut Rhystic Study for the same reason not sure yet but will be keeping Omniscience as it's a important combo piece


93% Casual


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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