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Oathbreaker Aggro Casual Mono-White Theme/Gimmick


An ode to Duncan Idaho- my favorite character from the sci-fi epic Dune by Frank Herbert.

(from the Dune wiki)

Duncan is described as a handsome man with curling black hair to whom women are easily attracted. Paul Atreides notes Duncan's dark round face and feline movements, the swiftness of reflex that made him such a difficult weapons teacher to emulate. Lady Jessica calls him the admirable fighting man whose abilities at guarding and surveillance are so esteemed. He is fiercely loyal to House Atreides, is a skilled pilot, and as a Swordmaster of the Ginaz is a gifted hand-to-hand fighter. In the fight that ends with his death in Dune, Duncan kills an unheard-of 19 Sardaukar, the Padishah Emperor's fearsome supersoldiers. The Sardaukar sell his body to the Tleilaxu; subsequent gholas of Duncan possess the rebellious streak of the original.

Gideon, the Oathsworn is more Duncan than you can ever find on a magic card. His passive ability buffs two of his buddies when attacking. This is perfect flavorwise as he is usually leading small units of soldiers, whether it be Atreides or Fremen.

his +2 also fits because at 5/5 he is pushing the upper limits of human power/ toughness in the game. which also makes sense because he is a legendary fighter of the utmost ability.

the ultimate is what really brings it home. he is a human board wipe. in his "final" act, he kills an unheard of 19 sardaukar (harkonnen super soldiers) by himself, but later dies from injuries. a feat which reverberates for millenia in the story line.

Card Choices:

Academy Rector bene gesserit witch!

Armageddon jihad reference

Armory Automaton sparring/ fighting robot

Battle Mastery Duelist's Heritage Fabled Hero Fencing Ace all references to Duncan and his fighting ability

Benalish Marshal duke leto or gurney

Blind Obedience True Conviction duncans unwavering atreides loyalty

Brave the Elements white staple. looks like some sort of sandstorm on the card lol.

Student of Warfare paul atreides

Soul Warden jessica

Duplicant hayt

Desert Desert of the True Dust Bowl Brave the Sands arrakis references

Ornithopter no explanation needed

Wurmcoil Engine Shai Hulud


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