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Dual Deck: Surf and Turf (Treefolk/Krakens)

Casual BUG (Sultai) Changeling Kraken Treefolk



Dual Decks

Dual decks are my attempt to create a series of interesting casual decks, designed to be played against each other. The twist is that each dech is built using two separate creature tribes, and tied together with Maskwood Nexus which gives all creature types to all of your creatures. Each deck aims to show off both the strengths of its tribes, as well as a few famous MtG combo mechanics used in unusual ways. Each Dual deck is 61 cards, with the last card being an Un-card or playtest series card which is added for silliness, and can be removed if you prefer.

You can find my full set of Dual Decks here!



Surf and Turf is a deck filled with fun Simic things. It CAN eventually hard-cast its creatures, but is mainly focused on casting them for free from the top of the library. It gets good consistency by running a low land count of 19, with 8 creature cards that can landcycle or fetch a land.

Opening hands

It's important to get to 4 mana with this deck, between actual Land cards and landcycling. However, if you can have 2-3 and a Lifecrafter's Bestiary in hand you will be fine. Landcycle first, and use Treefolk Harbingers to get Forests as a last resort, as you would rather use them to tutor a Leaf-Crowned Elder.

Combo Mechanic: Library Top Card

Although there are only two copies, Leaf-Crowned Elder is the lynchpin of the deck. Not only does it cheat out whatever creature you've gotten on top of your library, it casts the card for free which allows you to pay additional costs. Lifecrafter's Bestiary can keep you flowing with cards, while kickers like Verdeloth's become quite powerful when your mana is fully untapped.

Although the deck doesn't contain much more mechanical synergy than this, the sheer amount of bonuses add up quickly, as the deck contains tribal buffs for Indestructible, Vigilance, Trample, Krakenlink, and Tentacle Intimidate. Cards like Baru and Koma have very strong synergy with Maskwood Nexus.

Small combo: Brainstorm

When you have the Elder online, you can use this card to put a creature in your hand on your library for free casting. But even when you don't, you can use one of the many fetches to shuffle away the cards you put back, or Bestiaries to scry them away.

Un-card: Slivdrazi Monstrosity

A card that cannot be played without the Elder and Maskwood (or Amoeboid Changeling), Giving your creatures Annihilator 1 is just a good, clean, wholesome Simic thing to do. Clearly.


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